Purpose on Fire

There’s no better time than right now to define what’s truly important to you

By Mikki Taylor, Author, Speaker, Editor-at-Large ESSENCE Magazine

Each of us should be about the business of not only accelerating our growth, but also evolving to the point of our revolution! That means becoming all that the empire that is “You Inc.” has been divinely created to be. Writer Freya Stark penned a word for me when she said that “there can be no happiness in life if the things we do are different than the things we believe in.” Her words resonated with me. In fact, I wrote my latest book, “Editor in Chic, How to Style and Be Your Most Empowered Self,” because I was hearing too much survival talk among us when really, we were created to thrive. So, I ask you as I asked myself: is it a challenge or an opportunity to be your most empowered self? To set boundaries and own your life? To take responsibility for your purpose? For me that meant learning how to balance my personal and professional power, brand my narrative, and show up ready for my dreams.

On the road, where I get to sit with us up close, I observed that much of the way we live is programmed and in sync with the ways of others, and it crowds out what’s important to our hearts. If we’re not careful, days, months and even years can go by before we ever step out of the shadows of just existing and come joyfully front, center, and on purpose. But the good news is this: each of us has the power to press reset, so don’t ask permission when you already have the authority! You have the authority to choose who and what works for you and what doesn’t; you have the power to dispel your own fears and terroristic “what if” thoughts; to turn your weaknesses into strengths. Use this authority by nurturing what you want to grow and starving what you need to check.

There’s no better time than right now to define what’s truly important to you; to see where the person you envision yourself to be might be at odds with the life that you’re carrying out. You need to be clear with this, for whatever area you babysit won’t grow! Another way of putting it: you can’t challenge what you won’t confront. It’s time for us to lead fearless, faithful, and empowered lives and be bold enough to do what God created us to do.

I came of age basically with two edicts. This is the first: “if the best is possible then good is not enough.” And this is the second: “to be risk adverse is to be success adverse.” As a young girl growing up in Newark, New Jersey, they weren’t asking little brown girls like me if we wanted to be journalists and authors. But I had a group of women who poured into me and encouraged me not to take the road well-traveled, but rather to blaze a trail and leave a legacy.

I remember having the honor of talking with the renowned James Baldwin back in the 80’s when he paid a visit to ESSENCE headquarters, and the deposits he made in me inspired me to do that which is greater than I could imagine. This also became a part of my life multiplication system. So I say to you: don’t put a period where you should put an exclamation mark! Life is not a dress rehearsal; this is it, and you want to show God that you’re not only a good steward over the divine assignment He gave you, but rather that you know how to multiply your talent and bless others in the process.

There are more adjectives to define life than I can say, but what’s most important is this: it’s yours, and you owe it to yourself to own it in full. From my heart to yours, here are five life lessons from my trail:
1. Know your value — self-perception colors your entire life
2. Treasure your mind and guard what has the capacity to influence you
3. Don’t be a “flexitarian”: be intentional about your life
4. Never operate in isolation. Establish your “celebration circle” to push, inform, and support you
5. Identify your purpose and master it with distinction!

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  1. Wow Mr Steve Harvey with Nikki Taylor.
    I love the inspiration today. I will always pray and go down on my knees that one day Mr Steve Harvey gets to recognize me. Even if is after 30years I will keep waiting believing and writing that I get to talk to him. He is my dream come true. I am a South African.

  2. Where is the stuff on the vision he had about communities and why isn’t it attached to your site? It is a great vision for everyone. Where went to White House and HUD funds and started this program where billionaire also put funds for coding, etc. Spread that knowledge please.

    1. Was this on his TV show?

  3. A very good read

  4. I have no idea what I’m to do with my life. I’m just being honest. 63 years young and don’t have a clue!!

  5. Mr. Steve Harvey, thank you for all you do. You will never understand how many lives you are touching daily. Thank you Mrs. Harvey, for sharing Steve with us. Mr. Harvey, I humbly would like to ask you if you would educate yourself on incarceration. That world (Incarceration) needs a voice that has a heart after God’s on heart. So many men and women are wrongfully incarnated or the system has blocked them from having their case heard. Thank you in advance Mr. Harvey.

  6. Mr. Harvey Greetings in Jesus Name. I am 63 yrs young… Working on redefining myself. Beem married 33 yrs..working hard trying to buy a house..Ist house). Life has changed my wife has a nedical issue Dr.s cant diagnose..shenhas stopped working. So only one one isnt enough but i know GOD will make a way. Keep me in your prayers….I love your style your transparency and your openness. I know. ITS NOT OVER TILL I WIN

  7. hey! thanks for this post.i want to learn english first to understood very well .but i am just your post and videos it so helpfull .thank you

  8. Hey Steve. I have been struggling with mental health issues for the past 3 years and I really need help trying to figure out how to escape this nightmare that has been brought into my life. I would love to talk with you about how K can improve on my wellness beyond this point.

  9. Insightful and on point, thank you for sharing this with us.

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