Quit trippin’ while you’re in the process

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  1. Brethren ;

    I would like to appreciate your holy and clean presence and service as minster of Christ.

    I would like to inform you as there are people who from Ethiopia need to participate and blessed through the ministry by coming where you severe and prizing the lord all in one in the assembly so you should respect these servants of JESUS CHRIST to find the opportunity as well as blessing.

    I am looking for your christian response .
    May God Bless you

  2. I agree with you 100%, people need to stop listening to negativity and push no matter what the circumstances. You know that saying nothing beats a tryer than a failure. I am glad you didn’t listen, everyone of us need to have a mind of our own. Not saying we can’t take advice from others but in order to grow mistakes have to be made and learned from. Continue to inspired and motivate Mr. Harvey our generation needs it.

  3. I love your authentic, inspiring, “I tell it like it is” style so much. My dark days in a new country with an uncetain future have often been elevated to days of faith and perseverence because of your words. Thank you, Mr. H.

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