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  1. Mr. Harvey I know that I’m exposing myself yet I was raped at 16 at a Wendy’s I worked at for years. I was raised mostly in between my family grandparents in Bakersfield CA and in Gilroy CA I moved to Bakersfield CA and couldn’t talk well or hear I was a geek and helped lunch ladies in the cafeteria or Mr. Ford the janitor at Emma Smith in 2 grade. I’m a 1986 baby I helped repair tiles homes and many ac and driveway and mowed the lawn and other people lawn. For money I also babysit took cpr and graduated from Livermore peace youth academy thinking it would make me closer to my dad Ben Eric Shaull Jr. He has always been about don’t waiste money on me or your mom yet. I remember that at lunch time or even after school I donated my blood to help others and I gotta cookie and apple juice. I grew up with having seen sex between my mom and dad or other things yet it wasn’t ever taught to me nobody told us they just said your dead if you get pregnant. See my momma Gigi Green now married to my stepdad Doug had me at 17 half. I was spanked it didn’t matter where or whom everyone knew about it and yes was allowed to whip us. Hell I still take ass whips. Yet as a youngan I always tried to figure out why I was slower than everyone else, yet our history repeats itself over and over again. I maybe 36 years old I have been through raped at 16 years of age and yes I have over exaggerated, momma calls lies and not doing homework and I Forged her name once to get out of a huge ass whip yet, I remember drinking out of garden hose and everyone’s was outside kids mostly. I cherish my grandparents and parents as well as older generation Kristy Allie and Kevin Costner mark Harmon you and so many more have always made me think about the trials and many tribulations y’all have been through. Have have under gone many surgeries ony ears and mostly my right shoulder and hand I was born weird or a mistake. Everyone says that God doesn’t make mistakes and yet we don’t agree so kill people, I don’t like the hat so kill them. I had have many dreams love and caring for one another just because of looks, money, selfishness jealously police department against people or judgement on one another yet. If we stop a moment and see that the more we try to control or kill them and I know that my opinion doesn’t matter but let’s be honest and really real. I have also been homeless I have been and still do scrub toilets or kitchen or garbage on the road. I have seen cancer patients deal with the hardest thing not just them but there family and friends. For the past 2 years or more I put my trust in love more so then you would probably ask why I’m stupid for that it’s because I have also been homeless because of mine not being able to get help because I had moved to Washington to get away from yelling and fighting mom and dad Ben. Plus my sister was doing amazing beautiful woman as always. Audrey Nate my other siblings are amazing as well at first I was a little jealous but I felt more loved then anything else. So since I had my virginity taken from me by a man and then again by a family member grandpa Gary. I figured that by men taking things or woman or whomever was ok. Yet Ben my biological father was with Terry Piper whom I must say is amazing beautiful woman and totally in the rock Mr. Dwayne Johnson. Taught me to treasure the one thing I didn’t know was even at value. See I didn’t go to sex Ed or have the talk until it was taken. Yet I then started to think about how you say that God has something for all of us. Yet I have to ask if we are killing each other over stuff that we have all been taught. Thou shalt not kill yet we have abortions or death sentence, WW1 WW2 veterans day 9/11 people who are just dying left and right yet…… Isn’t God heavenly father supposed to be the judge of us not us? You can argue that God isn’t real yet we created lies deceit adultery laws and on top of that we judge others on money 🤑💰 or famous people. I’m not saying that it’s bad yet this technology is costing millions and billions of dollars and hell zillions of dollars going to everything else but keeping people alive and well marriages lasting longer than 25 years how about 79 years of marriage or longer people living so we can start to enjoy each other instead of belittling one another. Our soldiers teachers mom dad’s grandparents aunt’s and uncle’s family friends of someone else encourage competition and yes love with all the heart let’s stop making things harder on one another these soldiers teachers mom dad’s ECT don’t do it for money they do it for love honor and yes respect. So sir I won’t give you my name I’m starting this year as honest as possible so I’ll give you my SSN 549-93-4779. Ii have made many mistakes lied cheated on a guy and yes all was wrong I have stolen change or my mom’s ring yes also bad I have been locked up in 51/50 and I have been in jail, no not proud of any of it, I been homeless stabbed burned, and yes even guns to my head not shot at yet. Knock on wood 🪵. Lol. I’m not tough I’m not cool I’m not beautiful or smart or anything I’m ok with I been called a dike or 4 ears bitch or 4 fingers or little baby gay stupid dumbass. I know that everything we have taught me about is people are less valuable than money gold silver or something else. Witch isn’t right. I need your help as to maybe one day be a better woman. Granted no generation is easy. We deal with race or ethnicity or jelly or someone who has it bad we make worse why just help one another and quit ruining others a loosen up a little bit. Make people valuable tan items that can be replaced. I came out of my mom I wasn’t but a blob on her belly and 36 years later still here after being through hell. In the past 2 years or so I can’t think of anything better than helping people. Yet I’m not a blood kind of woman yet I’m still willing to help in any way. My momma is in southern Carolina I
    Now I’m in CA but I’m still looking for work. I don’t have a degree or anything I just know John 15-5 .

  2. Hi Steve ! My question is …. If your going thru something and it really doesn’t have anything to do with your partner, but they sense that your being “weird” and the 1st thing that comes outta there mouth is “lemme see your phone” when I’m just tired , worked a 9 hour shift working front desk at a hotel , what does that mean coming from a man’s point , besidessss that he was hurt and is protecting his own

  3. Greetings from Cuba .
    Hi, Just to let Steve know we watch his show here in the nation of Cuba , and want to extend an invitation for him to visit Cuba .
    Willie Santiago
    Cuba Conections Ministry

  4. Steve I need advice my boyfriend of sixteen years has cheating on me so I decided to Leave but he still trying to sleep with me but doesn’t want to get back together we have a 15 yr old daughter I am so heart broken 💔 I don’t know what to do I am going to 43 years old I feel to old to date again. What should I do. We have been broken up since September of 2022.

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