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Top trends that’ll breathe new life into your home

By Amanda Garrigus

Remember when you first moved into your home, and everything felt new, fresh, exciting and unfamiliar? It was awesome, right? Cut to, a few years down the road and things can start to feel a little bit ho-hum. Take that flokati rug for example. It used to elicit all kinds of warm and fuzzy feelings, and now it just seems a little, meh. Maybe you’re getting tired of staring at the same white walls day in, and day out. If this kind of malaise sounds familiar, it might be time to mix things up. Reinvigorate your space by introducing some of these trending interior design elements into your humble, or not so humble, abode.

Blush Tones

While some interior designers are predicting a surge in popularity for primary colors, and still others are talking about shades of white for the win, it seems everyone can agree that blush tones are rising to the top. Think about introducing the color with a throw pillow or two, or really lean into this soft rosy trend by investing in a pretty area rug.

Boucle Furniture

Sheepskin has long been the favored way to add textural interest to a stylish home, but this year, the perennial favorite is being joined by its touchy feely cousin, boucle. If you’re ready to invest in a new piece of furniture, consider making it a nubbly one. It’s comfy, it’s cozy and it’ll make your house that much more Instagrammable.

Colorful Cabinets

If you’re looking to transform your space without knocking down walls or tearing up floors, then look no further than a can of paint. Kitchen cabinets painted in dark, rich hues are still trending this year. Think deep navy, dark grays, or even cool blacks with blue undertones. Opt for an eggshell finish for just the right amount of panache, and easier clean up.

House Plants

One of the simplest ways to bring to new life into your home is to, well, bring new life into your home. But what plant to choose? Before you rush out to the nursery and adopt a baby fiddle-leaf fig, take a hard look in the mirror. If your thumb isn’t green, opt for something near indestructible like the snake plant. It’s pretty, and trendy, and it won’t hold it against you if you forget to water it before jetting off on holiday.

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  1. I really love the 2 colors together cause it’s different and it looks to give you that amazing feeling of being cozy and comfortable

  2. I love that look.

  3. This is beautiful. Would you please share the colors and brand of paints.

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