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Rules On How To Act At The Hoodie Awards

Rules On How To Act At The Hoodie Awards

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  1. This message as for Steve Harvey I have watched everything that you are in how you slept in a car for 3 years how things happen when you are 26 years old I’m sorry you’re a great person and I can see that well I’m the same but I’m 60 years old I have a house fire off everything I own I can’t even get the government to help me to get an apartment I live day by day on SSI I’m 60 years old I’ve never been homeless I’m homeless now cuz I have nowhere to live most of my family are gone I’m sleeping in my SUV I’ve been doing this for quite some time now because I cannot get anyone to help me so I know how you feel I know how you felt and it hurts when you think people care but really they don’t I’m in Dunkirk New York my phone number as 716 248 4617 I watch everything you do I watch your TV shows I think it’s awesome God bless you my friend,,,There’s so much more going on in my life but I don’t want to bore you with that I know you’re a busy man I have two ex-wives I’ve been through the wringer with both of them I’m sleeping in my SUV right now I am in front of my friends house most of my family like I said are gone I have one brother a little ways from me and a sister in Las Vegas Nevada and your father a little ways from me and none of them care about me I was always called the black sheep the family I hope one day I get to talk to you face to face and Steve I pray every night for God to help me because no one else will and I’ll keep praying until I get that help and thank you because I listen to a lot of your talks and you are absolutely correct on most of the things you are saying if not all of them I agree 100% with you I asked God to help me and I keep praying that he will thank you for reading this my name is Robert North Junior God bless you

  2. I noticed that some of my messages misspelled that’s because these phones are like that I just had a house fire I lost my landlord in the house fire and everything I own thank God I still have my SUV because that’s where I sleep I cannot get the government to help me I’ve gone to Social Services for help they won’t help I’ve gone to many places for help they won’t help Red Cross gave me $515 that’s only enough to spend three to four days in the hotel now I’m sleeping in my SUV because I have nowhere to live and I cannot get help from anyone I get an SSI disability check that’s my only income and most places won’t take a low-income person I put applications in some places to get senior housing so far nothing so I know how you feel when you said you’ve been sleeping in a car for 3 years because I’m doing the same thing and it’s not good and at 60 years old it’s hard very hard I would like to talk with you one day face to face before I leave this earth God bless you Steve I think you are a great person and you’re very smart and I like that and you preach God and I love you for that brother keep up the good work you are a great person thank you for reading this message God bless always

  3. I would like to nominate Mrs. Najah Roberts the Queen of Cryptocurrency for the Hoodie Award. She travels to 41 Inner Cities (Hoods) in 50 days over 14,000 miles they drive and teaches Cryptocurrency and Blockchain to the community for FREE. She and her husband come out of pocket about $75k each year to do it. She also took in 4 children that were left at DCFS by one of her employees. This lady is the change she wants to see.

  4. Hey! I’m Tracy Dawson, founder of ” A Touch of Klass Cleaning Service. I’ve been operating my business for 12 years. I’m also the founder of “One of A Kind Jewelry” this business has bee6 operating for 10 years. I would love to be nominated for a category adward.

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