Steve Battles Bills & Begging Family In These Stand Up Clips


We all have to start somewhere and, for many of us, our beginnings are humble. Steve knows all about that. Even though he’s a television star, successful entrepreneur, and philanthropist, he started out on the streets of Cleveland and knows what it means to struggle. But he also knows that you’ve got to laugh about it.

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Growing up poor means everything is a trial, even living in your own house.

Unfortunately, there’s a stigma that comes from growing up in the hood.

When you grow up poor, family celebrations take on a whole new meaning.

Steve may be famous now, but he’s got the same problems as you and me…

And he’s no stranger to the struggle of making a dollar stretch.

Steve knows that when you rise above your beginnings, others will feel entitled to your success.

And he was reminded by his mother that anyone could fail in life if they made the wrong choices.

He may have come from humble beginnings, but they inspired Steve’s comedic view of life.

No matter what your situation, if you can find some humor in it, you’ll be alright.

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