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Steve Harvey Looks Back on Longtime Friendship with Erykah Badu

Erykah Badu is a good friend of mine, many people don't know the history of our friendship.

Erykah started out as a waitress in my comedy club in Dallas, Texas in the early 90’s. Erykah quickly worked her way up to stage manager and began writing songs. One night while I was on the keys, she began to sing. Next thing you know, we had an album “Steve Harvey and Erykah Badu Live at the Steve Harvey Comedy House Theatre, Section 8.” All of our songs were about being poor because we were both poor!

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  1. Uh…I need THAT album! Link please, lol!

  2. I agree. I need that album too. LOL

  3. Hi uncle Steve..I hope I didn’t miss the sign up for the mentor camp for my son..thank you ..

    1. Check out https://harveyfoundation.com/ for program guidelines. Thanks!

  4. My sister was single for 22 years after a failed marriage. I introduced her to a man who’s wife had been sick for many years and passed away only to find out that as a teenager 50 years ago he had a crush on her. They got married in November miracles still have. Have them on your show to give people hope.

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