Stop trying to be friends with your kids

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  1. I really need to here that is so very true we as parents want to be there friend instead of parenting and teaching them what they need to no in the real world thanks Steve

  2. I love Steve & Marjorie! How lucky they are to have found eachother! I love the school of thought and the attitude with the kids and grandkids. Family!

  3. I absolutely love Steve Harvey. He is so inspirational. I’ve been fighting a battle internally since I lost my husband in 2021. We shared a son together and I feel so badly for him that at times I’ve been slacking with the tough love. I needed to hear this today. While we are all adjusting, we still have to do what Dad would have wanted. There is a time for everything.


  5. Uncle Steve, my son just turned 20…he has moved out and began his life, but he doesn’t like his father. He thinks he made his life miserable. I cry because I miss him and need him to at least come for a visit! In ’93, I was involved in a terrible car accident. I broke my neck and was in a coma for a month. They didn’t know if I’d live or die..let a lone have my own family. I’m trying to get my husband to talk to our son. He won’t..he believes its pointless! Life is short and I want my family back! Help!

  6. FACTS!

  7. This is the absolute truth! I would tell my son that all the time. This is a dictatorship and you have no rights. Most importantly, I’m not one of your little raggedy friends. Parents need to get back to parenting.

  8. i agree steve i was in a situation like this and i don’t believe in saying step children when me and my husband decided to get married i told each one of my four children separately what the situation was and that was it. they were so happy to here that this year we just celebrated our 37th wedding anniversary on february 5th when the two families met they were so happy for us. the best thing that has happened to me
    they are all grown now so we just enjoy our selves to this day

  9. Truth ..Never was I my kid’s friend’s…Friendly to them and not ! Mean, degrading, slapping or punching them, t I’ve seen some parent’s, treat their kid’s and it make’s me 😡..Now, I understand why, my kid’s call me crazy..😁 A single mother of 5 and they weren’t allowed to run the house..I’m old school, born in 1963..All the adult’s in my neighborhood would get you in check.. Some of today’s parent’s are asking these kid’s what they, want to do, clean your room or go to the center .What !!! Or catch a attitude when you, say something to them..To stay out of jail, I keep them away from me..May God, continue to bless each and everyone❤️

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