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Take Chances in Life

If you want to be successful you have to take chances in life.

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  1. This is why I love this man, Steve dont know it but you always inspire me. I’m a struggling Entrepreneur in Philadelphia( barber and hair industry) I’ve been watching and listening to Steve for yrs. I love the nakedness and vulnerability and the honesty, outside of my Heavenly Father there’s people like Steve who motivate me to push pass my comport,stay focused on life’s(Gods) vision for me and suffer thru the pain and character growth. Hoping to cross paths one day with my secret mentor, thx and love u steve, keep living

  2. God bless you Steve I’m about to take a leap of faith thanks for the incouragement u inspired me love u and your wife so much????????????????????????????????????

  3. Love you Steve, love when you speak of our heavenly god. Thanks for being Steve, no shows like the Steve Harvey. I’m a big big fan of yours ????????

  4. Thank you Steve,
    I’m very grateful for your words of encouragement. It’s been a hard struggle this year but hearing your words, I will continue to push forward. I’m a realtor in South Florida and it gives me joy when my clients receive keys to their new home. I do believe this is my calling but the struggle is real. I to believe that God does have my back. Praying for continued happiness and perfect health for you and your family.

  5. that’s what I tell my nephew, he loves to dance and has been doing Micheal Jackson impersonator since he was 6, he’s performed at fund raisers, community events, won 1st place at 15th district AUSTIN’S GOT TALENT, and got a chance to perform at Chicago’s Millineum Park TEEN YAS FEST 2018, he shut it down!! WALT THE KING!! his dream is to be on T.V. and he’s gonna make it!! he’s one of our church musicians, and janitor and he’s a good kid!

  6. I thank God for such a good man like you to encourage people with great advice let say that Steve you didn’t know how much your inspiration helps others in their own personal lives I am struggling with my relationship and have degrees but no job in it truly love to meet you and your wife stay blessed.

  7. Thanks ! I need that message often,it’s easy to give up…. Keep inspiring, it’s God’s work!!!

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