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The Difference Between Broke and Rich

During a recent break, I told my audience about the time a linguist told me my grammar was "improper."

I had to give her a little bit of knowledge about how I got to where I am today using my “improper” grammar all along the way.

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  1. With all due respect ‘King Harvey.
    Yes, I said it right. King Steve Harvey.
    Proud of you man. You can stand in a room full folks that was born into money and position of wealth; look around and say ‘Self Made’. With your head up and chest high…and yell…’Self Made’.
    My gift is Knowledge wisdom and understanding.
    I prayed many years for it.
    Paid the price to get it.
    Now fully aware of
    Jesus Christ.
    True!. Seen it, felt it, washed in it.
    Peace Brother.

  2. The part I love best is when you asked her, “Who told *you* that?” Very wise. A lot of these kinds of messages we tell ourselves many times originated elsewhere, parents, teachers, tutors, etc.

  3. Steve I too was told as a freshman in college I was a terribly writer and used improper grammar. I speak your language. I had a guy pissed his pants. He was stationed @ Fort Bennington, Georgia. He was @ the hotel visiting a coworker. He was from up north when he heard me say to a co worker I finna go to lunch. I was working as a front desk clerk @ Dsys Inn in Columbus, Georgia. He laughed so hard I know he peed. 馃槀 I Love your work. 馃グWhen you asked WHO TOLD YOU THAT ?Priceless…

  4. Steve, you said it right! God had to take you thru some trials & tribulations before he put you where he wanted you to be.

  5. Hi Mr Harvey, You are my inspiration in all levels of life. I’m a 33 yrs old guy From South Africa staying in the Hood. I gave up on everything e.g life, love etc but after I started watchinhg your shows and your motivation videos I’m motivated again its like you have recharged me and I’m Christian now and I talk to God now….Thank you Mr Harvey.

    God bless you and your Family

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