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The Difference Between Broke and Rich

During a recent break, I told my audience about the time a linguist told me my grammar was "improper."

I had to give her a little bit of knowledge about how I got to where I am today using my “improper” grammar all along the way.

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  1. With all due respect ‘King Harvey.
    Yes, I said it right. King Steve Harvey.
    Proud of you man. You can stand in a room full folks that was born into money and position of wealth; look around and say ‘Self Made’. With your head up and chest high…and yell…’Self Made’.
    My gift is Knowledge wisdom and understanding.
    I prayed many years for it.
    Paid the price to get it.
    Now fully aware of
    Jesus Christ.
    True!. Seen it, felt it, washed in it.
    Peace Brother.

  2. The part I love best is when you asked her, “Who told *you* that?” Very wise. A lot of these kinds of messages we tell ourselves many times originated elsewhere, parents, teachers, tutors, etc.

  3. Steve I too was told as a freshman in college I was a terribly writer and used improper grammar. I speak your language. I had a guy pissed his pants. He was stationed @ Fort Bennington, Georgia. He was @ the hotel visiting a coworker. He was from up north when he heard me say to a co worker I finna go to lunch. I was working as a front desk clerk @ Dsys Inn in Columbus, Georgia. He laughed so hard I know he peed. ???? I Love your work. ????When you asked WHO TOLD YOU THAT ?Priceless…

  4. Steve, you said it right! God had to take you thru some trials & tribulations before he put you where he wanted you to be.

  5. Hi Mr Harvey, You are my inspiration in all levels of life. I’m a 33 yrs old guy From South Africa staying in the Hood. I gave up on everything e.g life, love etc but after I started watchinhg your shows and your motivation videos I’m motivated again its like you have recharged me and I’m Christian now and I talk to God now….Thank you Mr Harvey.

    God bless you and your Family

  6. Hey. Steve. I listen to motivational speskers on youtube all the time, but you are one of few that tells it the way that fits me. You are causing me to learn, think, move, and take action. You keep it 100. Thank you sir for your gift, and what you bring to us. I would truly like to meet some day, and so do many others, we all have a story to be told. I will tell mine also. One thing I do believe, and that is, money answers all things. Ecclesiastes 10:19

  7. Mr Harvey

    I’ve been told I won’t win, I’ll stay broke. I ain’t going no where with my mentality.
    You Mr Harvey are a true inspiration.
    You see Mr Harvey after watching this video, next time he tell me that, I’m gonna ask him “WHO TOLD YOU THAT?

    God is good. Holding onto my Faith!

    Stay blessed Mr Harvey ✝️????

  8. Thanks, keeps me motivated!!

  9. Hello Mr Harvey,

    I’m sorry you dealt with that and shame on her. Most linguists know the difference between prescriptive and descriptive grammars and for this one to be leaning so heavily into the prescriptive side of the puzzle is alarming. As a linguist myself I’m ashamed that person came and told you the way you were speaking wasn’t correct. From most all other linguists out there please know we don’t think you speak poorly or incorrectly. Best of luck.

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