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“God blesses you to become a blessing.” I did it without an education, I did it without anybody’s money… All I did was identify my gift, I worked, I wrote all of my visions down. I read them every morning and every night. Talk to God, these are the keys to success.

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  1. I love the Harvey’s. They exhume love and trust of God.

  2. I love the Harvey’s. They exhume love and trust in God. God bless you both and yours.

  3. Thank you so much Steve for bringing this program,am really inspired

    1. Mr. Harvey, I just wanted to thank you, mahalo you from the bottom of my heart. You inspire me every single time I seek to listen to you. Your life from nothing to something is what continues to motivate me to push on through and believe it will come to pass. I know I will meet you one day, I don’t know how but I can see it clearly and it’s just a simple thank you, mahalo you for inspiring this Hawaii girl!

  4. Steve thank you so much. I wrote a gingle for Cumberland farms how do I get it out to them .

  5. I love Steve Harvey’s inspirational talk. He once hosted Bishop Jakes and they talked of what to leave for the children. “Its what you leave in them and not what you leave for them…”. Oh will never forget that advice. God bless you.

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