The One Thing That Matters | Motivational Talks With Steve Harvey

Let me tell you something that’s not true…

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  1. I thank you for sharing your inspiration with me.

  2. A great motivational speaker. You inspire me always

  3. Mine-mine-mine Steve,
    That is so true! I love being in the medical field and love helping people, but don’t know if being a nurse is for me. I took the nursing test three different times after I dropped out the first time getting in because I had to go back to work as a Phlebotomist to support myself and two daughter’s.
    Now, I’m older and have a passion to be a nurse and have much knowledge to be a nurse, but I can’t seem to passed the nursing test that’s required to get into the nursing program. Have I’ve given up on pursuing being a nurse “H*L* YES” because it’s obviously not for me and I’ll continue pursuing other options. Which is good and bad, because I have two degrees and business is another thing I love but- I don’t have a business nor do I have the experience of being a supervisor or manager. But, I know how to mine my business and handle my business when it comes to paying the bills and getting things that’s needed…lol.
    With that being said, God has given us all a gift or many gifts, it’s up to self and the higher authority to allow what is necessary to happen in the season he has for you. I even love entertaining other folks, but do I feel I have the ability to stand in front a crowd of people 🤔? Ummmm, let me think about it! Because as easy as it looks on television, it seems to be a whole entire story in actuality.
    So, I’ll continue doing what I know best and go with the flow until God leads me into doing something else 🙏 🙌.

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