The Success Law | Motivational Talks With Steve Harvey

Watch this till the end.

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  1. That’s exactly right according to the word of god. But just like if someone offered you some money and you refused to take it it’s not going to happen if you ask for something and then when God tries to give it to you you don’t take it.

  2. Hi Steve, Happy Sunday, She needs your Help, in your Goodness May the Divine protect you,money is paper but when you Help your neighbor it is to have a Divine Heart her phone is 781 420 4089

  3. I Love the Motivational talks. I will write down everything I want, and read it every morning and night, for one year. After the one year, I will check off the things I have accomplished and accumulated. Thanks Mr. Harvey.

  4. Before I watched this, I was feeling so down, depressed and worried. I have been struggling with my finances and it seems like the more I try the harder it gets. I helped people out that needed it. I felt like by doing this I would be blessed, but God after watching this motivational talk about The Success Law, Lord I feel my day coming. I’m goong to write down my visions and have “FAITH” that it’s going to happen. I feel a “PRAISE”!!! THANK YOU STEVE HARVEY!!! 🙌🙏🏻

  5. I like that everything what Steve speaks I can Relate to your speech I were almost to that point Homeless I did have a roof but it wasn’t where I Wanted to be then God came in my daughter Found a place he’s always on time I am a very Religious person I listen to your morning show Every morning some day’s I feel down then I Listen’s to your before the show & after the show Speeches it is very therapeutic for me I just love You & everything you do keep making me laugh !🥰

  6. I listen to you Monday thru Friday on KJLH at 6 am to hear your motivation thought of the day and I watch these videos you send every Saturday🙌🏾

    I just like the way you break it down so everyone can understand how you do what you do through trials and tribulations👏🏾

    Thank you for looking back now that you are successful to motivate everyone to keep moving their lives forward into prosperity💵✅💯

    Stay Blessed…..

  7. I really appreciate this message, so glad that he shared the message about God. People really need to hear this about God and the scripture.
    That being said, I am a Poet/Published Author and I have published four books. I am looking to move forward and publish more books and share more of my writing to the world. I am working hard on getting more advertisement and marketing. I live in Omaha Nebraska and we need people to come here and support us. We have many talented writers/artist/musicians here in Omaha! I am also working on having a space that people can come and share their talents.

    Thank You

    Audra Stennis-Owens

  8. GREAT inspirations!!!

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