The two most important days in your life are…

The two most important days in your life are the day you’re born and the day you discover why.  

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  1. This is within the Scripture 1 Peter 4:10 is clear. Mr. Harvey needs to realize and reinforce that God gives you the gifts you have NOT to increase yourself or your wealth but rather to increase God’s Kingdom. If we use our God given gifts to increase God’s Kingdom; His Grace shines on us and we receive the unlimited blessings God has to offer us not man’s limited blessings. Man can only bless you with the amount of money they are willing to give. God has unlimited resources!

  2. Steve my gift is cooking and making snacks but its hard I’m going backwards instead of forward I’m sitting here at home with pain in my feet from walking and selling with no money to show after selling for over one month an more.
    I need help please advice me I’m about to lose it

  3. Thanks for this abundant information. Im at my wits end and jus open this email. yeah one of those days

  4. The day I was born was July the 20,1994. I was 5 months early and 2 pounds and 10 ounces. The doctor told my mother that they couldn’t save both because she was losing so much blood but God had another plan. I found out why when I was 19 and it sent me on a hut for fulfillment. However life challenges tried to discourage me, and even tried to force me to deny God and his strength to carry me through. I begin to be aware of things that he was testing me and I failed every test. Even with my failure to obtain a stable home, I could never get in sync with my Spiritual awakening 1000%. My life story is about a young man that loved God before he was nutured and informed on who God is and always been labeling or judged in way of hurt and misunderstood. I never stood up for my self because I was never taught to fight with my fist but with my mind. I been was giving the Life of Purpose to be a witness to God’s work and even though the odds was against me, even then I was faced with being rebellious, Depression, addiction, sincere leadership of growth in spirit but somehow I was held together to be able to still rise and overcome every challenge to fulfill a shift in the atmosphere to witness to. every nation, every living being and to form a Legacy of Growth and Faith to be passed with Generations to come!!.

  5. The Tree trunk to success. Thank you Steve Harvey for all of the authentic messages. I am a 46 year young woman, wife of 1, mother off 2. s I gave inquired how to start up a busy, and what I would like to do; I’ve always been told to find what I am passionate about and go from there. This hasn’t worked for me. I am willing to ask God what is my gift, so I can bless many lives, and do what I love to make a difference.

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