The Ugly Sandals Taking Over Spring/Summer 2019

The ugly sandals that are oh so hot.

By Aonika Laurent Thomas

Are you guilty of this?

Pulling out your ugly, yet comfortable walking sandals while on vacation? Thinking that no one you know will see, and you can get through a tour of the Vatican, a hike in the Grand Canyon, or shopping in the lively neighborhood of Le Marais Paris without throbbing feet standing in your way.

You know the sandals — fugly, but oh so good for the feet. Admit it, you have those sandals. The ones that you would never wear at home for fear of running into an old boyfriend or girlfriend, who would never let you live it down.

I have news for you baby, we see you! The better news… those rubber soles, utilitarian straps, funky colors, and super comfort are so on-trend. Now is the time to embrace your funky vacation sandals with the knowledge that you are trending.

One more thing: yes, you can wear them with socks!

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  1. Love them

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