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I tell jokes and play music for a living. That’s crazy.

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  1. Steve use too love on your radio show the loose in the booth segment where you’d bring those soul searching, foot tapping hits to us! The biggest most enjoyable event ever was “The Hoodies”!!! How I miss those days.

  2. Hi Steve I really enjoy your 5 am talks show, question how can I go back later in the day to listen to them again just a pick me up. Yesterday afternoon I was having a bit so good day and I needed to hear what I need to be grateful for. A few months ago I decided to relocate to another state and as it gets closer it feels like things keep getting in the way.

  3. Good inspiration from you Steve,indeed we should take it seriously what we do because God gave us so many talents to use it and when we use it then God comes and blessed it ,don’t hide out our talents show it use it follow it and we will seee what God does,
    Thank you.

  4. You are my motivation. I’m 29 from jersey . Moved to metro ATLANTA. I lost everyone that truly mattered to death. You are my motivation. Also reading the magic of thinking BIG. You will see me on TV one-day in a play or movie. Lots of love

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