They put makeup on me like I’m going to come out looking like Idris Elba

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  1. I. Love you so much! You’re awesome and 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  2. 🤣❤️!!!

    You didn’t get where you are without the talent❤️. And I don’t mean little talent. God blessed you with GREAT. TALENT. Keep on bringing the funny Steve. Keep on doing your thing❤️. You are HILARIOUS🤣!

    Sending love with lots of hugsto you & Marjorie/the family❤️.


  3. Steve Greetings in Jesus Name, Steve your makeup is very good, you always look good on your show. Steve Harvey sometimes , l listened your testimony. it give me Hope because my situation is terrible with my family.

  4. Steve Harvey is a funny funny guy..
    Watched Family feud a lot..

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