Think Twice about Enzymes

By Roni Deluz ND, RN, Ph.D

The purpose of this article is to give you information about the unique usefulness of enzymes and how they affect health, weight, beauty, and pain issues. Many studies have proven that enzymes play a crucial role in eliminating inflammation, pain, immune disorders, liver congestion, wounds, and many other health conditions. We only think about digestion.

What are enzymes?

Enzymes are protein molecules that are produced by the body. They work as a catalyst to bring out a bio-chemical reaction. Enzymes are essential for the body to perform all of its chemical actions and reactions. They are the “work horse” of the body. Enzymes are commonly known for digestion, and it is often suggested to take them along with meals so that the food can be digested properly. This helps prevent gas, bloating, nutrient malabsorption, constipation, stomach upset, weight gain, and other problems that can lower the immune system. So, it is important to understand that food enzymes enhance health and longevity.

The body produces many enzymes. Organs like the pancreas, stomach, salivary glands, and small intestine produce digestive enzymes. These enzymes digest the nutrients and use them for energy and organ repair.

How do enzymes help with pain?

When our bodies get overwhelmed with undigested food, they become clogged or dirty, which creates Circulating Immune Complexes (CIC’s) that cause inflammation. This inflammation occurs when some protein fragments remain undigested in the body. If CIC’s are not removed by the body, they collect in different joints and cause inflammation and pain. The enzyme protease can absorb these CIC so that the body will get relief from inflammation and associated pain.

Thick Blood WOW!

Another common problem is hyper-coagulation due to thick blood. This can be associated with improper circulation, poor oxygen supply, tiredness, rigidity, muscle ache, joint pain, poor blood flow to the brain, and connected neurological symptoms. There are therapeutic enzymes that you can take on an empty stomach that can decrease the thickness of the blood and lessen these symptoms. Ask your practitioner about these enzymes.

What happens to our natural enzymes?

We are a junk food society. Diets such as the high fat diet, low fat diet, high sugar diet, high carb diet, high protein diet, and the high grain diet are low in enzymes. By contrast, fruits and vegetables are high in enzymes. A high stress life causes our body to decrease in the ability to digest our food. As we get older, we are not producing enough enzymes.

Food Enzymes and their actions: If you wanted to know what over-the-counter enzymes have in them, read the label on the bottles and make sure you see these ingredients.

  • Maltase: breakdown of grains
  • Amylase: breakdown of starches
  • Cellulose: breakdown of fibers
  • Lactase: breakdown of dairy products
  • Sucrose: breakdown of sugars
  • Lipase: breakdown of fats
  • Protease: breakdown of proteins

Tips on how to increase enzymes

50 % of your meal should be raw food. Example: dinner should be a small salad with sprouts, a cup of spinach, sweet potatoes, and salmon. Chew your food very well before swallowing. Drink a powerful enzymatic juice. Drink 8 to 12 ounces of green enzymatic juice daily.

Enzyme Beauty Juice

½ cup of cut-up pineapple (Bromelain Enzyme)
¼ cup of fresh lemon juice (Alkalize blood)
1 cup of spinach (vitamin A, K and C)
½ cup of cut-up papaya (Papain Enzyme)
2 cups of coconut water (hydrates skin)
¼ avocado (enzymes for fat)
Stevia to taste

Foods rich in enzymes

The heating process kills the enzymes in cooked foods. By contrast, raw foods are rich in enzymes. The most powerful enzymatic foods are legumes, sprouted seeds, pineapples, avocados, papaya, bee pollen, and banana.

How enzymes help our health:

Take food enzymes daily during your heaviest chewing meal to help digest your food if you have digestive issues from undigested food. Call your doctor if you have health issues.

  • Purify the blood and improve blood circulation
  • Build up the immune system
  • Improve brain function
  • Helps to clear skin
  • Colon cleansing assists with weight loss
  • Clearing out your vascular system
  • Alleviating inflammations and pain

By improving all of these functions, the body can easily give a stronger fight against infection and disease. Research shows that pancreatic enzymes are an effective treatment for cancer. These enzymes dissolve the coating on cancer cells and may make it easier for the immune system to fight against the enemy cell.

The National Institute of Health claims more than 60 million people suffer from digestive diseases.

Common health conditions helped by enzymes

  • Anemia
  • Constipation
  • Food allergies
  • Low energy and weakness
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Cancer
  • Headaches
  • Colon issues
  • Colds
  • Obesity
  • Hepatitis
  • Gastric duodenal ulcer
  • Gout

In summary, enzymes play a crucial role in keeping our bodies strong, clean, and healthy. Due to special properties, they decrease swelling, which can help our appearances, heal our bodies, and get rid of pain due to inflammation.

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  1. This is excellent info, I take Digestive enzymes with every meal, with everything that I eat. I’m a five and a half year bone marrow cancer survivor, I had many complications and deal with many side effects and Digestive issues, and I’m someone who is very interested in my health and ways to counteract various side effects, so this is very helpful info thank you.

  2. Very health informative…many will not know unless it’s published by those like you who care about the health of others. This helps those like me who’s making better healthier choices to live. Thank you.

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