This Awesome Hair Product Helps Women Embrace Their Natural Hair Texture

The Mane Choice’s CEO shares her hair journey and helps some audience members find joy in their different hair textures.

Styling and confidently wearing natural hair has become a current trend. However, finding the right products isn’t easy, and neither is figuring out what works or doesn’t work.

The Mane Choice’s CEO, Courtney Adeleye, shared her personal journey with her own hair on YouTube, where she began documenting her growth process. After positive reception to her videos online, she decided to combine her knowledge in science with her husband’s background as a physician. Together, they created The Mane Choice, a product that uses vitamins and nutrients to care for different hair textures and consumer needs.

To share the product, Courtney chose two fans with different hair textures for makeovers, and the results are both dramatic and gorgeous:

If you’ve been inspired by the clip above and are interested in embracing your hair texture, The Mane Choice is available exclusively at Sally’s Beauty Supply.

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  1. Thanks so much for your tips on caring for natural hair and how to improve its texture. Grow Natural Hair Fast

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