This is the key… nothing else matters!

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  1. Mr. Harvey I don’t know how you got out of Welch I have watched you for years, I follow and love the man you have became at least on TV. I have no right to reach out to you . I have Adhesive Arachnoiditis People all over the world are suffering unnecessary. You are prof there is hope even for the poor. Congratulations

  2. I love that motivation from Steve Harvey and I need every day in my life.

  3. You have touched my heart,I’m greatful for your stories

  4. Mr.Harvey, I would love to know more gear from you. My 22 year old daughter was diagnosed with a mitochondrial disorder when she was 2 years old after 2 muscle biopsies and genetic testing. She’s been through so much however keeps going everyday. I would love to hear more one on one about your program to help her.

  5. I need the two scriptures you started to mention b4 you were cut off

  6. Good day Mr! I’m here today to appreciate you::I might die 🎲 from now but I just want you to know I’m so happy I touch a lot of people with what you told me on all your videos and I’m so happy about it now I know how to do my own things but I have no! One to support me to become a great man I have everything I want in this life but no one to help me I’m even sick no! One to help me out so I’m just here but I will be happy to have see you one day I suppose to be in the United State boy now I have been a boss for 12 years I slept in my business shop for 1 year and… but now all my pains is gone but no one there for me to start up life I have workers is not easy for me I pray for you to see God more sir

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