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Whatever position you find yourself in today. We put ourselves there by a series of thoughts and actions. Thoughts turn into things. The one glaring question for all of us, on a daily basis, is… What are you thinking?

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  1. Thank you Steve for this page its really what i need to read more and more because you talk and about reality and i have picked so many lessons form you.At one point in your life you would sleep in your car with little money on you but you never gave up neither did you relent on prayer and i believe that we serve a living God.My name is Benard Ondego a Kenyan living in Kisumu and i must say that im one of your biggest fans.I am currently working towards owning a home and its on my mind 24/7 i mean not a single second can go by without it flashing on my mind.I believe you when you say ( Thoughts become things ) im sure one day i will be a proud home owner and my wife and daughter shall be happy too.Keep up the good work Steve i wish you all the best.

  2. thank you so much . it is a good point for me. i will always repeat it .

  3. Us fans need better ways to show appreciation for all the hard work being done out there. Because sometimes silence sounds like a lack of appreciation.

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