Throw Back: Bow Wow, Ron Isley, and Cedric The Entertainer

Bow Wow, Jermaine Dupri, Ron Isley, and Cedric The Entertainer

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  1. I just want to say Thank you Steve Harvey . I don’t know if you’ll ever read this I’m just a no body out here and you have so many fans and important people in your life but your saving my life right now It’s because of your tiktok videos and Facebook videos that come across my time line that stops me from giving up even at times when I have had a rope around my neck ray to end my life cuz I can’t handle the pain I can’t handle but having one person that loves or cares about me ever in my life the last people that lived me was my grandparents who raised me but died when I was 19 years old I’ve never had guidance I’ve never had love in almost 47 years old and lost and tired and have tried to do better be better do anything to be loved at least by one person in my life. I over came so many battles I’ve had a traumatic lifetime that started at the age of 2 I have severe ptsd and battle mental illness everyday I battle myself To not want to die I’ve been suicidal since I was young and in 5th grade was the first time I attempted suicide by taking my grandmother s nitroglycerin pills for her heart I didn’t know what they were I just knew she needed them and they were important so I figured I would take all of them to kill myself I didn’t do it for attention I survived and everyone ignored it I was in trouble do he stealing my grandmother’s pills instead of family looking at it like I needed help and tried killing myself what child would do this. Several times in my life I’ve been told I needed to just die or kill myself that’s never changed I don’t want to be that passion that everyone feels that about. IVE TRIED TO CHANGE. I’m tired Steve my battle is over and feel I need to accept who I am I don’t want to go thru life anymore. Without love.. like it says in the book the shake …. Going thru life without Love …. it’s like a bird without wings a broken wing that can not fly…. that’s me I know if just one person loved me I could fly .. I could do amazing things.
    But anyway getting back to what I was thanking you for IT is because of you because of your words that I’ve stopped myself from killing myself … to ur words seriously have guided me to not give up to value myself to see there another door… to be opened when God’s closes those doors … I know God has used you to reach me …. and I. Know you don’t know me but you’ve saved my life on so many different occasions and I want you to know how much what your doing for others is powerful. I don’t know if I’ll ever be ok or if I’ll be able to fight my demons all the time every day just to stay alive. I just want you to know to I reached my lost soul I feel like your a prophet God told me you are… and he’s sorry for what happen to you but he needed you to go thru that so you could reach people like me because without that you would of never believed the way you do now …
    Thank you Steve Harvey you saved my soul with so many other Thank you again

  2. I enjoyed looking at this episode. I loved the music and dancing.

  3. hey guys you make my day thanks for the entertaining clip, and the message it share.

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