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God didn’t bring you this far to leave you. Why do you think he keeps waking you up? Because he has more for you. God has plans for you but he needs your faith. Be inspired with the Top 10 countdown from my #Motivated series.

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  1. Steve , thank you for acknowledging and putting Fod at the center of it all . I always share your vids with my sons ( 20,26) .. Will see you in SA soon

  2. Sanctified, indeed, Minister Harvey ????
    Spoken Word ????
    Unfathomable to most unless revealed by the Holy Ghost ????

  3. This man has a special calling from God to motivate and encourage people to bring healing to there life. We love you and thank you for the videos you have shared we the media letting the world know about what faith can do if you only believe. My daughter has been thru a lot in her life, even though I keep on encouraging her she still stays prayful, and grateful to God for keeping her with a sound mind when she thought she was about to loose her mind. She is a strong individual at heart. I really Thank God for this child s encouragment.

  4. I have been a fan of yours for years. Watching and listening to you is very motivating and inspiring. I thank God every day for waking and allowing me to see another day. I keep the Love, Faith, Trust and be Patient, God always answer Prayers even if its yes, no, or not yet .

  5. Steve every since i lost my mom . i been and a drought. But i go to my Facebook page and listen to you and you brighting up my day. And you inspire me to move on .and let me know I can do better .and to put god frist and everything. Thank you so much Steve.

  6. Uncle Steve you inspire me to believe in God and to trust Him. I thank you for not holding back your testimony of how He picked you up and made you what you are today.
    I pray for the Grace upon your life and when it is accomplished I know I will meet you one day and tell you just how much you’ve impacted my life

  7. Steve you are a true motivator. I believe that people are more incline to be believe in themselves when they can associate “distractions “ in their life with actual human being experiences and the out come is positive. Keep speaking on it. He ain’t through with you yet.

  8. Surely indeed Mr Harvey,you are a blessing to this generation. You are an inspiration to my every day’s existence. I get hopeful listening to your motivational messages. Thanks so much Mr Harvey.

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