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Turn Back Moments Define Who You Are

When I got into comedy at 27 years old, I had a turn back moment.

I was going to give up and walk away from this business and never look back. A lot of you know my story, I was homeless and living out of a car for three years before I got my first break. It’s really important that you hear this message, I know that a lot of you are experiencing “turn back” moments and you need to push forward. God has something for you, it’s not the time to turn back. Now is the time to keep pushing.

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  1. Hello Mr. Harvey:
    my name is Perla and I come to the U.S. over thirty years ago. I worked very hard to get my daughters educated. Once they were out of the house I decided to go back to school and in 2014 I graduated with a degree in Administration of Justice, and in 2018 I graduated from Hollins University with an interdisciplinary major in Gender, Justice, and Law. My dream was to becamome an Immigration Lawyer. However, I have been diagnosed with Spinal Stesnosis and can’t no longer work, drive and even wrting hurts. I want to go back to school but I have to wait on my upcoming surgery. By the way I shaved my head and people say I look as good as you do!! Please pray for me so I don’t loose the desire to go back to school. Thank you.

  2. Hi Steve,
    What you went through to to get to where you are today is truly a testament of how God moves in our lives. I bought the first addition of you book and have read it more than once. I often refer back to it from time to time, especially when I feel like giving up. Recently, I’ve been having turn back moments. It seems as I make a little progress, I get pushed back and then I feel stuck, as if nothing will ever change for the better. I am reinventing myself and starting from scratch at the age of 53. I jumped and I realize I have to keep jumping just like a frog on a lily pad. Thank you for the reminder.

  3. I need motivation, faith, god, prayers and self confidence. I have been through so much that I basically just sit at home. I had some dental work done and ended up having to get a bottom denture but I still need a lot more dental work but I’m scared to go back. I don’t want then to oull the rest of my teeth and have to get an upper denture. I don’t want people to see me with my denture and yellow top and missing teeth. I hate that I let them pull all my teeth on the bottom and I can’t eat with the bottom denture. I just need something to push me into the right direction so I can feel self confident and move on with my life.

  4. Thank you for sharing your story! I have been struggling to push forward. You just reminded me that God has a plan for us all!
    Thanks Steve!

  5. If God before you who can be against you. If so many people were just given an opportunity or chance what a difference could be made. So proud and happy for you . I’m still praying and dreaming.!????❤❤❤

  6. That’s amazing! I’m so inspired to go and get after my dreams

  7. Thank you I needed this just a little hope goes a long way ❤

  8. Mr.Harvey you are such a Blessed Man Thank You for ALWAYS❤ Motivating Me…

  9. I want to give up. Everyday is a brick wall. My biggest dream is to create jobs for people.. 10 yrs a truck driver sacrifice after sacrifice… All I ask is pray for me not to give up..

  10. Inspiring to those in the entertainment field who careers may be at a stand still. Hang in there, have faith in God; he’s going to show up. Just be ready!

  11. Beautiful the way God worked out a planfor Steve Harvey; for not only was he blessed but we are encouraged that he followed his dream and didn’t
    give up in those hard times‼️

  12. I’m in that moment now.

  13. Thank you for this. I needed to hear this. Love you.

  14. Amen ????never stop beliving.nevergive Up, There you are.

  15. I love your inspirational messages… They remeind me how far God can bring you if you just trust and believe in Him!! I know how strong He is and what He can bring you out of… when I was 6, I got run over by a pick up and almost died… then when I was 10, we found out I had seizures because of the wreck! When I was 19 my doctor released me because I seemed to be okay without meds… but he told me if I ever got pregnant, it could bring them back on again… I ended up meeting my husband, getting married and we had our son! He is now 6 years old! He’s started school this year and everything… 16 year later from when my doctor released me and this Christmas I started having my seizures again! But by the grace of God, I didn’t have it around our son! I know that sounds bad that God brought me out of all that to have me right back in the same situation as before, but really it just reminded me we’re not promised tomorrow! It gives me great appreciation to see where I’ve been to where I am now! I get it! And thank you for sharing your stories!

  16. I’m 47 and everyone around me has something they’re great at. I have nothing I’m good at. But hearing you speak lifts my spirits and I thank you for that

  17. I watch you and listen to you all the time. It gives me faith that one day everything will be ok. I lost my daughter she died at birth and then my son almost died as well. I have very down days but when I do I listen to you and feel better. Thank you for always be honest and making me laugh don’t ever stop being you.

  18. I watch you and listen to you all the time. It gives me faith that one day everything will be ok. I lost my daughter she died at birth and then my son almost died as well. I have very down days but when I do I listen to you and feel better. Thank you for always be honest and making me laugh don’t ever stop being you.

  19. My biggest dream is to get to the Steve Harvey show. I have watched his videos daily. I love the interview with G G and Grama. He says your 103 years old and she says oh hell ya. Then he ask how their flight was and they said terrible it wasn’t first class. Then Steve says this is why I want to live to this age so I can openly and freely cuss on public television. I have so many funny experiences that are real in my life, I want a interview with Steve.

  20. You know I needed to hear this message Steve I am 35 year old young woman who feels like my dream are falling a part. But hearing this makes me feel I can do anything thanks and God bless.

  21. Absolutely amazing. God is wonderful he can do things that will blow our mind. Faith is a substance of things hoped for and evidence of things not seen. Keep telling that story because somebody need to hear this. I see Eastern airlines came through. Thanks for sharing Steve. Keep encouraging and motivating the people. They need to hear the truth.❤️

  22. You a good man

  23. Thanks for that TB moment!
    Be blessed

  24. Steve, that is why I love you as a person. Yr life is so interesting to listen to. That is why I make it my point of duty to listen to yr inspirations at 6am. Steve you inspire so many people including me, who was losing my faith at one time and sometimes I do feel that way. But when I remember yr inspirational words in the am, I muscle up.
    Thank you Steve for yr great testimonies. God saw that yr heart was full and overlowing, and so He delivered you. So now you have been and still delivering alot of us out here. You have ran with the task of deliverance and God is pleased.
    Stay blessed Steve. I wish you many, many more days of joy and many, many more years of happiness. Steve I am crying but I cry with faith now. Stay blessed.

  25. Awesome thank the Lord for his help. He gets all the glory. Steve you are halarious. That’s the same way I feel about going for your dreams. My best friend and I want to open a mobile medical unit to serve the homeless population in LA and looking for foundations we can send our proposal and Grant request to. We have talked about this many years and now we are at a place where we need to give back. Thank you in advance for whatever you can do in this much needed service

  26. This poured more life into me. Taking the leap has been scary but I know I have a purpose. The day I launched my Empowerment journals call “ The Power of I AM” my significant other packed his bags and walked out the door. Though entrepreneurship hasn’t had its rewards yet. The mission is bigger than me. There’s an epidemic of low self esteem and I’m on a mission to change the culture.

  27. Many reach this point in time due to many problems.
    However, if God is your head he will provide, no matter who you are, what you do. Your steps are order!!!!!

  28. Hey Steve,
    Good morning from New Mexico, I miss watching the TV show FamilyFeud. After I moved in 2018 November. Miss watching your show. With all the other shows. You are a good inspiration to a lot of people around the world. Keep on, keep on putting a smile on my face.
    So I some of the funny clips on Facebook. That’s the only internet
    Will gotta go now, you and Marggie take care.

  29. Steve: I watch people like you , who are examples of Truth. You may not realize the intricate world out there that may need your help. Like mine and it it involves helping my people. The Red Nation!

  30. That’s right. Revelations is here. For one thing the seasons r combine g like Jesus said. I’m praying ppl read revelations then u will u derstand…..but it’s up to the individual. I’ll be praying for all in Jesus name, AMEN

  31. Steve my name is Sharon and I’ve struggled all my life with one thing or another from drugs and feeling alone to feeling less than, I have given everybody something about Jesus. I am a CNA so I help those who can’t do it all for themselves. I tried going back to school to get a degree in nursing but now my attention span is 0. I’m now asking my doctor for a referral to a behavior doctor maybe to get some medication that might help me focus. That’s how much I want it. I can feel it in my bones. So I won’t give up. I admire you for your courage and your strength. And you give back that’s what I always wanted to be able to do give back.

  32. Mr. Harvey, youbhave always been a inspirational person to me. I listen to your radio show every morning, I try to watch ur talk show on my off days, and my mother and I love watching the family feud game show. I listen to you on the radio, the opening and closing remarks are so heart touching. Its was a few I felt like you were talking directly to me. I would sit and ponder what you said and reflect back on the situation and just think on what I can do to better myself.
    I just want to say thank you for all the TV shows and radio shows you’ve done. Again you are a very inspirational person.

  33. Want God do it…AMEN

  34. Thanks Steve for sharing your story. It was just what I need to here right now. I’ve been praying for a change in my life and your story encouraged me to keep pushing forward. God bless you and thanks for all you do!

  35. Steve
    I listen to you, something make sense to me and others things don’t. But something you say make so much sense. Thanks hope to met you one day, and get advise from the C.L.O.

  36. Unreal..god works in mysterious ways!????

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