Virus Attack

By Roni Deluz ND, RN, Ph.D


Since December 2019, we were alerted to a cluster of severe cases of viral pneumonia in the city of Wuhan in Hubei Province, China. By January 7, the authorities concluded that it was a new virus called Coronavirus (2019-nCoV).

This virus is characterized by signs of viral pneumonia, which progresses rapidly to severe respiratory failure, leading to death.

How Bad is This Virus?

According to the latest report, there are more than 17,205 confirmed cases in more than 2 dozen countries. There are more than 60 million people affected by partial or total closures in this country, and the number continues to expand rapidly as the virus spreads.

The number of deaths has now surpassed 361, with 360 in the country of origin of the virus. In addition, there are 18 countries other than China with confirmed cases of this virus, as of February 2020. These include Japan and Thailand, with 10 and 14 confirmed imported cases, respectively. In addition, other affected countries are here in the U.S with 11 cases reported, France, Nepal, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Australia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Canada.

Why We Fear Outbreaks of Viruses

  • We never know the specifics of a new virus.
  • News media publicizes the situation before the medical world can assess the severity of the virus.
  • Antibiotics do not affect or protect from viruses.
  • The symptoms of most viruses at first are mild and vague before they become severe.
  • The virus becomes a “runaway train” and will affect the weak and sick quickly.

How to Protect Yourself

  • Avoiding close contact with people suffering from acute respiratory signs.
  • Wash your hands after contact with other people, objects, money.
  • Use the appropriate clothing including masks if in contact with sick people.
  • Restrict travel to areas with confirmed cases and follow directions of authorities.
  • Go to a health center if you experience symptoms of flu or virus.
  • Keep accessible hygiene wipes of alcohol and anti-bacterial products in your pocket.

The Real Weapon

Beyond the measures mentioned above, the real weapon against any kind of virus, for centuries, has been our immune system: a set of white cells capable of fighting almost any agent. Under normal conditions, with a healthy immune system, we can withstand viral infections and overcome them in a matter of days. When our immune system does not function properly, it is necessary to apply measures that serve to diminish the impact of pathogens on our body and strengthening our body’s defenses. Our immune system can prevent the progression of bacteria, fungi and viruses. Every day it is protecting us from the bacteria that lodge on our skin, and from possible fungi that live with us on our mucous membranes.

Herbs to Help Your Immune System

Ginger has been added for eons to various special preparations to combat viral diseases for several reasons. This herb has medicinal properties that lie in its compounds, especially polyphenols, unique molecules capable of providing us with immune boost. Chop a quarter size piece up daily add it to foods like soups, salads and drinks.

Echinacea is one of the most widely used herbs worldwide, especially in Europe, for the treatment and prevention of viral diseases such as the common cold.  It comes in teas, elixirs and powder.

Gingko Biloba is another well-known herb with many benefits for our body and immune system. This plant contains many endophytes and several secondary metabolites that enhance antioxidants and help in the elimination of viruses.

Foods to Help Your Immune System

Citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C. This vitamin is linked to the decrease of the risk of suffering from many diseases.

Broccoli this is one of the most noble vegetables. Its antioxidant capacity and its polyphenols strengthen our immune system by enhancing the capacity of our white or defense cells.

Garlic is the secret of generations to strengthen the immune system and protect us from frequent pathogens. The strong ability of this food to benefit our body has been studied for centuries.

Salmon is a fatty fish with essential fatty acids and vitamin D levels, which boost the immune system.

4 Antioxidants and Vitamins

Vitamin D: Take 1000 mg daily, during any outbreak of a virus.

Antioxidant formula such as Goji, Acai, Bilberries, Resveratrol:  Take according to direction.

Vitamin C: Take 3000 mg daily during outbreak in your region.

Glutathione: Take as directed by your health care provider.

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