My Daddy Had a Mouth on Him!

My Daddy was one of the top cussers in the country. Top 5 cussers of all time ???????????? My father taught me how to cuss, I’ve been cussin’ since I was 4 years old. Well… I got a lot of whoopins for cussin’, now I make a lot of money for cussin’.

Watch what happen when my Momma’s church friends came over for bible study ????????????

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  1. Steve, we really enjoy your shows, but ….

    Please do not use the Lords name in vain.
    You use “Jesus” way too much as your exclamation.

  2. Ooh Steve, you are fucking hilarious ( but I’m sure, all the tickets you’ve sold, you already know that). Thank you for being you and for everything you do. I appreciate the laughter.

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