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Wake Up Right

I was going through a rough period in my life.

“You’re going to be sheer greatness because you’ve learned how to wake up.” I’ll never forget when John Walker told me that almost 40 years ago.

I was going through a rough period in my life. I had just been laid off and was on unemployment. At the time I signed up for Amway and my sponsor would call me at 5:30AM every morning. I had a bad attitude when he called, I was laid off and couldn’t see my future and it was 5:30AM! One day he called and said “I’m disappointed in you, when are you going to change your attitude? You wake up with a bad attitude, which pretty much explains why you’re having a lot of bad days. I hate that about you, you have so much potential.”

Now that cut me deep, I don’t like anybody – thinking I’m something but I’m acting like I’m not. So the next morning I flip the script. Watch what happens next. Here’s the reason how I became the AM morning radio personality. God turned me into the morning man. ‘The Steve Harvey Morning Show.’

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  1. Good morning Steve Harvey I’m going through the same thing with you going to get my attitude learning how to be patient and know how to talk to other people so just keep praying for me and I keep praying for you it’s a lot of stuff I need to change in my life so I understand what you going through thank you for listening to me and I’m glad I just said something about that attitude that’s a good that’s a good sentence that again

  2. Good morning again Steve Harvey my thoughts I’m going through a lot with my thoughts do a lot of things that I ain’t supposed to be doing and I know God help me all the way and I keep telling myself so my source is alive but I’m always in a negative way and I need help with that thank you for listening to me today at 2 God bless you thank you

  3. I needed to listen to something like that because I am going through some shitty stuff right now.

  4. Wow wow wow!!! This is amazing! Steve its crazy tht u wld share this story (actually this LIFE CHANGING EVENT) bcus without ever knowing or hearing this ~ for years you have been my “John” I hv it set for the radio to come on at 6am m-f so that yr Morning Motivation at the beginning of every show can “Wake Me Up Right”
    Im blown away that you experienced this with John and turned and became my John without either of us even knowing…. I am a form believer tht there is Power is Life Experiences (The Good & The Bad)

  5. Steve I’m 83 watch you on Facebook every night and you sure motivate me. Love your programs.You make me laugh. Keep it up. Love Joy Lester Qld Australia xxx

  6. This was inspiration and very motivational for me to watch.
    Thank you Mr. Harvey!
    Have a great day

  7. Steve by name is Elizabeth I’m from Australia I have for children myself so I need help I never go out I just take care for the children so what can I do I really love your show i hope I will go to your show one day in go Time god bless and your family

  8. That was a great lesson. Wake up Great, End up Great! Thanks

  9. God is Able

  10. Thanks u for sharing your story. I am just like u were I wake up every morning with dread and thinking about everything negative about me now I know why I was not successful in my life I..I am 63 now but I am not going to let it stop me .but I do know I am not going to wake up again with dread

  11. Hello Mr Steve Harvey, I really enjoyed your testimony regarding waking up with a bad attitude. I am a morning person and each day that I wake up is a blessing to me. I was not always this way, coming out of a bad situation as a young lady, Ifelt like bad things was always going to happen to me. When will ever get a break through. But I trust God to make things in my life better, I still have my peace of mind and believe each day that I live on this earth will one day work out for my good. Your positive attitude has helped me to see clearly I will one day make it.

  12. Steve – Thank you for continuing to try to educate the human race on equality through respect, integrity and love.
    You are doing more than most politicians to advance understanding among ALL people in this world. (and your funny)
    The love is felt from you.
    God bless and be well.

  13. I have started and stopped a lots of things in my life, but the two things that have been consistence in my life is what I do when I wake up. I make my bed and I pray, in that order. If anything throw me off that schedule my day is off until I do those two thing. I never really thought about it in detail until the first time I missed doing them. Now I realize that making my bed is my way of saying sleep is completed for a time and praying is my way of saying I am thankful for the new day. Mr. Walker was right, “It is going to be a great day.”

  14. Awesome, inspirational, exuberant!!!!

  15. Awesome, inspirational, exuberant!!!! He’s brilliant!!!!

  16. I needed to hear this

  17. This is True…. people hardly ever know what challenges I have because I Wake Up and start putting my BEST forward…. I do not even dwell unless I am double slammed…Than I say You want me mad….lol. I am disappointed in morning grouchiness, do not disturb mentality
    Unless PRAYER or Illness Why????

  18. Steve I just love you I love your enthusiasm your motivation you’re an incredible man and everything that you teach everything that you say your books all of it God bless you for being the man that you are and I know that he has Truly blessed you

  19. Well steve… is really extremely to wake up in morning but if someone has special feelings hi need to talk you then hi call you phone u have to pick up his call anyway Steve I see you every show you make hiw can I meet you ? Mn I love you big papa

  20. Thank you Steve!! That is an amazing thought WAKE UP RIGHT* because I love God so much it is hard to wake up with a bad attitude. I must say that some some days are hard right now.

    I feel like I’ve lost myself . I have endured so much bitterness , rejection, and hatred from people. I try to just suck it up and keep going, but I am tired, tired, tired. I keep playing this strong person, when inside I am so broken.

    I will make it because God’s mercy is renewed every morning. Thank you for motivating me. That is the ministry that God have given you.
    I really appreciate you!!

  21. Steve harvey is so so true what you’ve been talking about, you know am an immigrant here in Québec since 1 year and life is hard for me currently because i’ve got to work in a fucking food factory til i receive my permanent residence paper. Nothing changing and am still waiting and i still dont know my true purpose in life and whats my gift i dont know. But when i start wayching your videos on Youtube little by little faith and hope is coming. Am starting to search for my gift so that the minute i get my papers with my open visa i will fight for what i love even if its hard . So steve i know that may be i’ll never meet you but i would to thank you for all your motivational videos.

  22. I’m proud of Steve Harvey and the messages he shares. Steve you are so relatable to any person who has their ears on and open. Thank you, Art Grobben

  23. Jesus LOVES me this I know, for the bible tells me so.

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