What did you say?!?! Somebody help Steve out!

Family Feud Africa

Steve Harvey struggles with African accents from Family Feud Africa contestants. 🤣😂😆 He’s learning the culture and its funny!

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  1. Uncle Steve I did not mean to laugh at you but you are funny as heck

  2. You go Steve, you will learn the language and accents eventually, just keep doing what you hace been doing and you will be just fine.

  3. Steve my ninety year mother loves you and your show. She hopes to meet you one day.
    Your on her bucket list as well as a trip to Hawaii before she turns one hundred. Spending a day wirh you will make her very happy.

  4. That’s great man.. If u feeling sad but he will make your day well and the same time laugh,,,

  5. He honestly is trying😅😅😅😅 He’s a brave man!!! And tooooo funny😁

  6. Go Steve!
    You’re doing what the rest of us would not attempt to do on live TV. This is what makes you the Man! Your folks (Mom) would be proud♥️
    This is why we Love You😍 Keep us A’Smilin….
    We see they Love you Too!!! Funny

  7. Uncle Steve in Afrika making the Afrikans smile too
    Open up a village over there for us to come live in , Peace in , in case election does not go right in November

  8. Love the fact thatbyou are makng effort.

  9. Steve I commend you for your efforts! I think any one outside of Africa would get it all messed up. I was trying to pronounce those names with you and trust me my version sounded much worse. You are a great inspiration for me as well. Your motivational videos have kept me in great spirits as much as your jokes have kept me laughing. I’m so proud to have someone from my home state of Ohio be such a great role model and motivator. We need more men (people) like you in the world!

  10. Steve, I don’t care what anyone MAN says about you, I think you are a fine example of a MAN and you are so very uplifting and also funny. So proud you are here for us all to know. Keep doing HIS will for you and I hope to see you again at the casino one day!

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