When I made my first $1,000,000

When I made my first $1,000,000

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  1. I want to make 1.5 million dollars.
    I am 62 years old and struggled with procrastination,thoughts and not knowing what to do with them to be wealthy. The inability to get out of the set box in living life. I want to leave a legacy and you inspire me.

  2. Omg Mr Steve you my inspiration you soo💯 Can’t get no realer speaking from heart and soul you always touch my soul been through alot but I KNOW KEEPING GOD FIRST everything will work out no matter the bad pray and work hard so I thank you for your TRUTH AND YESSS STAY AWAY FROM THE HATERISM WE DONT LIKE HATERAIDE AND YES A BIG HOUSE 👍

  3. This ^^

  4. You know Steve that was the truth I shouldn’t Have to keep repeating myself everything you Speak nothing but the truth I’m looking into Starting my own business 1 day ! That’s how you Live keeping people who don’t want in your out! I’m looking forward to having my dream home… Thank you!

  5. Just 2 words..
    Simple Truth!

  6. Good good for thought, I am 72 and I wrote on my refrigerator that I have Ten children and a lot of grands and great grands praying that I could leave them with a financial blessing for them all. Ending a generation curse! When I listened to your wise knowledge of what to expect, that I need to share with them so that. They won’t be fool by thinking they have made it without knowing what to do to keep it.

  7. Please how do I apply for scholarship at the Steve and Majorie Harvey Foundation SMHF
    I am an African living in The Gambia right now.
    I want to further my studies but funding is my problem
    Anticipating your kind consideration
    Thank you

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