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You will always have a moment in your life where the direction you’re going, you will have to make a decision – to keep going or you turn back. The sad thing is, the average person turns back. I’ve had some really dark moments in my life. Where I am today, I just didn’t see it clearly at all. Being successful is so hard, but I realized that not being successful was hard too.

You’re going to have a period in your life where it seems like things aren’t working. You’re going to have doubts, trials, tribulations, and challenges. You’re going to have turn-back moments but you have to make a decision to keep going.

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  1. A couple weeks ago Steve did a story about how you have to ASK God for what you need.. I would love to find it and listen again.

  2. Steve Harvey, I just love and appreciate you for the truth you speak, unashamed of Gods blessings! God has and is pouring blessings on me and I pray I am a good steward and always give Him the glory like you do. Thank you for what you do. It inspires me and I appreciate you!

  3. You Have A Decision | Motivation For Success In Life
    You can find this on YouTube or safari or google

    1. Yes you can! Here is the link Cheryl:

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