You have to fail to win!!!

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  1. My name is abdihafith Steve and I hope to see u and to have conversation you
    I’m 23yrs old and I’m from somalia but know I’m in Egypt 🇪🇬..I’m student here
    I wan meet with u and I hope the law of attraction will bring me to you insha allah..

  2. Call me Que, not a greek but my first name. I recently attempted to raise money for my High School as it is a 97 year old HBHS in NC. I thought to have a Benefit Concert to raise money. Did a great deal of planning and coordinating to host a meet and greet then a Showtime At 1800 (Like at the Apollo) which went well too. With Steve would have been better). Then we had a concert on the football field with Special Ed and the Blacksheep Dres with DJ Mad Skills. The latter two once attended the HS. Ive received several compliments however, the crowd did not show up and we were only able to present a couple of scholarships. How nice it would be to Take Two and Do it again but this time hosted by Steve Harvey himself. Please contact me to see how possible to have him grace our school.

  3. Mr. Harvey to say that you are inspirational is an understatement. You have done so many good things for so many people and I honestly am not sure you will even read this but I could use some inspiration as am I lost and most days my depression overtakes me on the inside.

    In February my bf was terminated from the local police department for doing what he thought was the right thing when I had one of my bad epidural/spinal migraines. We tried to fight it and still are but to prove I did it fact get these migraines I had to get my medical records.

    I’ve always been one to not want to know about certain things and deep down I knew I was broken but I had no idea how bad. Recently I found out that I not only have dysfunction in my thoracic spine but also in my lumbar, pelvic and cervical spine as well but thanks to you, I can handle that. However, I am struggling on what else I found out as a result of getting those records I never wanted.

    In 2020, I was diagnosed with fibrosis and never knew. I guess I never wanted to know because I was happier not knowing. Fibrosis is not curable and at best medication can slow it down but the end result with be the same. It will kill me. I went from being happy to constantly looking at my 3 yr old daughter and my 5 yr old son and crying because I now fear that I won’t get to see them grow up. I won’t get to see them go to prom or talk about their first kiss or their first love or watch them graduate or even get married.

    I’m scared and I have never let anything scare me so much in my whole entire life. I don’t know how to not let the depression win. I don’t know how to not worry and most of all I don’t know how to deal with this especially when the ones responsible don’t care.

    I could really use some inspiration because right now, I don’t even have the desire to do the things I love like photography and airbrushing. All I can do everyday is tell my kids how much I love them and hug them, not knowing if that will be the last hug or kiss.

    My apologies for the long comment but if anyone can inspire, it is you sir. Thank you.

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