You Need The Haters | Motivational Talks With Steve Harvey

Haters motivate me. If they are talking about you, that means you’re doing something. Keep your head focused and write down your dreams and goals on a vision board.

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  1. I am Deniese Braithwaite I have been listening to your talk shows and they are very motivational I just am complimenting you on very excellent presentation.

  2. This is a callout to Steve Harvey to talk about Gino Jennings

  3. Mister steve harvey i want to thank u for helping me not to give up. Just as i was thinking about giving up cause things have not been going too well for me i come across a video of you telling your story how you almost gave up just as god was making a way for you. I listened twice to your story and said to myself no!! Today is not the day to give up. I am gonna keep trying and praying the lord makes my time come

  4. Hey Steve I am from Papua New Guinea (PNG). I hope you know where this place is. Thanks for this Haters Inspirational Talk. I am a #Big #Fan of your shows.

  5. I love that video your TV help me lot I need it GOD the hard time thank you 💕 always.

  6. I need me some Haters!!! Thank you Mr. Harvey!!!❤️❤️❤️

  7. My name is Jermaine Tucker From Memphis Tn and I love this.

  8. Love this

  9. I have had haters my entire life. Which also include family members. All I do is take care of anything, or anybody that I love and care for. I go to work then back home. I have a loving and caring heart, and willing to help anyone….. if I can. Still, no friends, or trusted companions in my life. The few people that I do have support from had been in my life unconditionally. I’ve learned to accept the haters, pray for them and keep doing me. I’m a child of God, and as long as my Lord and Saviour got my back I’m good with not having many supporters in my life. I stopped asking why, and accepted why not. Staying focused, joyful and prayed up is what keeps me going …… with or without anybody!

  10. I have been listening. You are right! JAH is GOOD! The haters don’t know they are helping us Elevate to the next level! We need them! When I first moved here, I helped my neighbors ! Then the surgery and other issues n my personal life.When I asked for help, they said no and laughed! But JAH, told me to hold my head
    Up! Then you MANEFEST. about Haters! Thanks

  11. Thank you

  12. Steve please come to rural towns , My name is Vanessa Brent

  13. Yes! Thank you Lord for HATERS…Steve, thank God for you. Your preaching untraditionally. I get this today. All things are different now, but God is still in the center of this message. I see your love for my Father in Heaven. In all things, you are acknowledge Him. Mr. Harvey, thank you for walking with Christ, and remembering that all your help comes from the Lord. Tired…I get tired a lot in my walk. I don’t forget as well those things that made this walk longer than I wanted. I started walking with Christ, it was Footprints In the Sand…amen???? Your mother and father groomed you spiritually (mother) and earthly (yo dad). Put the two together, they knew you were going to get “iy” and “there” accordingly when needed as needed. All praises to God that you didn’t try to do it on your on. You always reflect on your mother’s teachings about the gospel, but you also reflect on your dads push/shove/grind to get there…. I was blessed to have both as well. Keep posting. I am motivated and stand in agreement with you and Mrs. Harvey. I pray and look forward to attend a show in the very near future. Love & peace…

  14. That’s really good talk

  15. I find a few people being jealous of some of the things I do, and act like I owe them something. I help family when I can financially, but I find myself stop sharing some of the things I do. My wife and are retired and we are just enjoying the fruits of our labor. So stop hating people , and create your own happiness

  16. Wow, I love this so inspiring! Oh I got haters! That’s for sure! Thank you so much, life was and is very hard. However, I have accomplished a lot in my life. Yes, I wanna give up at times each morning I wake up prayer and keep the faith!

  17. Life is a series of Hits and Misses. The Hits are the good things you have done and the people you’ve touched in a positive manner. The Misses are the bad things you have done and the people you’ve hurt in some way, shape or form. Most people have more Misses than Hits, so many of them dwell on the Misses, mainly because they are easier to remember. What needs to be done is to maximize the memories of the Hits and come to grips with the Misses without making excuses for them.

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