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You can’t tell God how to bless you, all you need to do is write it down. Don’t get in God’s way by telling him how. Your plan is comical, God’s plan is at an appointed time. Stay faithful!

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  1. Hi Steve I am 41 years old have been married 3 times and It’s like I am so lucky to only get men that cheats or abusive towards me and I am at the point of trying a woman as my companion. Steve can you help me find a good man that doesn’t mean me bad.

  2. Hi uncle Steve. My name is Tholi Hlophe, from South Africa, KZN. I just want to say your words reach us here aswell, I have learnt so much from watching your clips, some of the things my own parents didn’t get a chance to tell or teach me because they passed away when I was just entering high school. It is so refreshing to hear a person share from personal experience, it makes you think, if someone got through that and made a success of themself then surely your time will come, you just need to keep the faith. You have so much wisdom, even when you make a joke, its just wisdom flowing out of you. You are a true blessing. I know I can never not learn something from any of your clips or just have something click which I might have thought I was crazy for thinking. Some of the things you share about God are so evident in my life, I am forever amazed at the things He has been doing for me. If it wasnt for him, I wouldnt be here at all. I am not where I want to be yet but I am sure heading in the direction. Continue being the inspiration you are and may God continue to bless you.

  3. Hi Steve, I just love how you bring the message home. In Kenya, I work in a desert area inhabited by pastoralists. Life is tough man but we try to make food out of it. Could it be possible you do a show to encourage those kids who see or look at education in the negative to embrace education in my area. I would love to get the videos on education.

    I am a missionary, teacher and principal/ Rector of minor seminary.

    Help me encourage my students

  4. Steve your story inspired me that this indeed shall pass. Im sleeping in my car right now. Lost everything twice. Want to give up but has two wonderful kids. I want to write a book call Shall Pass but never written one. I ask myself is this life worth it?. Im at the end of then rope. Steve tell me what i need to do! My friend girl wrote a book b4 and told me she would help me get it together. The book is about my life how u up one minute and down the next. From the day my life changed when my father was murdered 30 years ago to owning my own place and loosing it to sleeping in my car. Wow! Thanks Steve.

  5. Steve Harvey I’m a Ghanaian my dream and my vision is to be a traveller and business man but the problem is I’m from a poor family so I find it difficult to live since I started watching ur motivational speech my mind is stable now thank you for your advice in the speeches

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