3 of the Best Nephew Tommy ‘Run That Prank’ Episodes Ever


Fans of the Steve Harvey Morning Show know that one of the highlights of the show is ‘Run That Prank,’ a segment that features co-host and Steve’s nephew Tommy Miles making hilarious phone prank calls. All of the folks getting pranked are “volunteered” by their friends and family that are fans of the show, and the results are seriously funny.


Here are 5 of the best pranks (in no order) that have aired in the last year—and, lucky for us, all of them are currently available on iHeart Radio.
Warning: While all of these are clean for radio, there will be censored cursing… and with some of the things that these people get pranked with, it’s totally understandable!

1. Smoking weed… in the church van?!
Brother Dan is just a young man that’s trying to turn his life around by volunteering his time on Sundays to drive the old folks to and from the church he’s been going to since he was a kid. He’s not expecting to get narc’d by the grannies he’s driving, though… and Nephew Tommy has to break the bad news to him with a few ‘innocent’ questions.

At one point, Dan points out that it may be one of the old people he’s driving that’s got a secret stach… to treat their glaucoma?!


Listen to the rest of the rest of it here:

2. I’m Sorry, But I’m Your Wife’s Baby Daddy…
William and his wife have been trying for a long time to have a baby—and thanks to IVF, his wife is now 5 months pregnant!

Unfortunately, Nephew Tommy has some bad news for William… due to a mix-up at the clinic, that baby isn’t his. Looks like this white couple is going to have a black baby…


The resulting fight isn’t pretty, but it’s laugh out loud funny. Check it out:

3. Baptism… On Wheels?
Our man Wilson is a good Christian that may miss church once in a while for a football game—but hey, no one’s an angel, right?

Apparently, Wilson’s friends decided that his soul was in need of saving and contacted ‘Brother Springwater’ for his services: Baptism on the go, brought to your front lawn so your neighbors can watch you get born again. And he’s going to baptize Wilson whether he likes it or not!

Wilson’s a great sport, but even his patience wears thin after a while. Listen to the whole story here:

What are your favorite Run That Prank episodes?

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  1. Hi Steve, thanks for so much joy every morning. Please contact the Calhoun Family.

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  3. How do I contact nephew tommy to get him to do a prank for me?

  4. I would like to know how do you write Tommy to prank a family member?

    1. Hi Sprina, please visit the radio website at: https://www.steveharveyfm.com/

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