Steve Gets Real With His Audience And Reminds Them They’re Not Angels


During an HBO’s 1997 One Man special, Steve got real about Heaven, Hell, and Judgement Day. We’re laughing now… while we’re still above ground…

Steve begins by asking his audience to clap their hands if they think they’d go to heaven.

As you probably guessed, everybody in the audience clapped enthusiastically.

He then says,“You know good and well all ya’ll aren’t going to heaven. Half of ya’ll snuck liquor in here!”

Steve knows his audience, all right.

He then goes on to tell them that it’s hard to get to heaven, and that there’s going to be plenty of room for walking around up there.

Hell, on the other hand, “Is going to be PACKED!”

“People in hell are still going to be trying to party. C’mon y’all! Let’s do the electric slide!”

Even though there won’t be much room to move around, with all of us packed in down there.

Then he goes on to talk about the Judgement Day line. Safe to say that it’s the one line where no one wants to be first.

But Steve says that nothing will mess you up like seeing someone you knew for sure was Heaven-bound be sent the other way.

If they couldn’t manage to make it past the pearly gates… what the heck is going to happen to you?

Watch the full clip here:

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