3 Tips on Parenting From Steve’s Classic Stand Up Routines


Steve takes on the hotly contested debate between “old school” and “new school” parenting. Whether you belong to the camp that believes that fashion accessories like a belts were created for parents at their wits or you’re against corporal punishment of any kind, Steve’s got a bit of wisdom for you.

Here are 3 times Steve’s classic stand-up illuminated his unique take on how to deal with children who act out.

1. Fear Is A Useful Parenting Tool

In this classic clip, Steve has very little patience for meek parenting. He suggests taking a more profanity-laced approach when giving orders to his kids.  If your kid is taking advantage of you left and right, take a page out of Steve’s handbook and add your own flair to it. 

2. Ass-Whoopings In Moderation

Steve’s ass-whoopings are more than just forms of parental discipline, but life lessons, too. On stage, Steve explains how his father would give him an ass-beating wherever and whenever he stepped over the line.

3. Grocery Store Shoes

Despite having his kids beg for things they don’t need, Steve manages to keep them in check. On stage, he tells the audience that he doesn’t take kindly to back-talking. Essentially, Steve teaches us that sometimes parents know what’s best for their kids.

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