3 Times Little Big Shots Reminded Us What Love Is

Steve's guests will melt your heart.

Little Big Shots is known for bringing the world’s most gifted youngsters to the world’s stage. Whether it be their talents or personalities, these children melt our hearts every time. Here are four times Little Big Shots reminded us of what love is all about:

Reminder #1: What is was like to have your first crush.

We all remember what it was like to have our first crush. Watch as these kiddos adorably recount their first meeting and bring us back to our “first Valentine” elementary school days. It’s too cute!

Reminder #2: When music expressed what true romance is all about.

These three young talents brought their rendition of the Temptations’ 1965 “My Girl” to the stage and reminded us all of the pure, innocent love that we used to hear about on the radio. The simple beat of the song, the beautiful vocals, and the heartfelt lyrics remind us why this song is such a classic.  

Reminder #3: What true love really is.

Although his mom loves him, this young comic jokes about everymom’s true love: Target. And he couldn’t be more spot on. Watch as he hilariously recollects what was supposed to be a “quick” trip into his mom’s favorite store.

May these moments remind you of the love you’ve got inside and inspire you to show that love this Valentine’s Day and every chance you get!

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