Steve Touched By This Little Fan’s Drawing Of Him And His Mustache

He feels blessed to have fans like her.

Is there anything more pure in the world than when a child hands you a drawing that they made?

To see their eyes light up in anticipation in the hopes that you’ll like what they specifically made for you, as sappy as it may sound, it is a thing of true beauty. Beauty that comes from a child’s desire to make you happy and that stems from honest-to-goodness enthusiasm.

And these drawings that little Faith sent to Steve Harvey, are chock filled with it.

Harvey shared the drawings on Instagram with a touching message for the young artist:

A young lil’ lady, Faith, wrote me a letter saying she watches “Little Big Shots” every week with her fam. She also sent in these drawings of the both of us, precious. I think she did my mustache justice, don’t yall think? Thank you, Faith. I appreciate the love. #Blessed#LoveAllMyFans

It’s kind of hard not to be absolutely smitten with such glowing praise from a young fan.

When our little big shots aren’t being adorable they’re knocking the socks of America with their skills.

Like this kid:

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  1. The most precious gift is a gift you get from a child. The look in their eyes when they give it to you is priceless

  2. Appreciate the Steve Harvey show

  3. That is a great show, we all love it. My mother is your BIGGEST FAN!!!! Mother will turn 100 years young on November 3rd and, we are having a big celebration in Dallas, TX on November 5th at 2 pm. GOD placed on my heart to ask for a card, video or a call to wish Mrs. Dorothy Chew a Happy 100th Birthday. I know you care about older people, that will make her day!!!

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