A Dad Does What It Takes for the Dress!

When Ricky’s daughter wanted a new dress for her formal, he wasn’t able to afford it. But he did what it took to get it - and caught the surprise on camera. For 15% off your next dress, head to NewYorkDress.com and use code Steve15 at check out!

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  1. Dear Steve, I loved this moment between father and daughter. It touched me deeply. My parents divorced when i was 3 and moved on happily married to other people. My dream has always been to gather us all together, Mom, Dad ( who still flirts with her) plus my siblings and be a family, just once, on family feud. We are all getting on in age, but the little girl in me still craves for this moment. I dont even care if we win, just to play, and laugh as a family together, just once, that would be my win.

  2. I love stories like this, they are so inspiring

  3. Wow so beautiful father do he’s best for her daughter. God blessa????????❤️

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