Steve Harvey’s Bernie Mac Impression

B Mac was one of the funniest people of all times if you could understand what he said ..... we miss you Mac Man thanks for some of the greatest moments I’ve ever had on tour.

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  1. my jaws are up in my eyes from laughing so hard. Yes Steve u got him on point ,I I have told all my family and friends to look at your impression of Bernie Mac. I have a lot going on in my life and I need a very good laugh. Thank you. I would like to make people laughing like you do and it makes people days goes smooth I know my day does. You are so real with what you do and I thank you. I am a littler joker to at time ,my friends says when I tell them something the way I say it make them laugh. I wrote a book and one of my friends said she can see me telling the story at time she would laugh and time she would cry but it all good when you can laugh when you do not have to think about bring abused and remember it all over again .

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