According To Steve, Rhythm On The Dance Floor Means Rhythm In Other Places

It's called a "bedroom dance" for a reason...

The STEVE show features more than just celebrities— it also features fun and games for the studio audience.

In one such event, Steve uses his matchmaking skills to help a lovely young lady make a love connection between contestants vying for her attention.

When the game’s down to the last two finalists, our beautiful bachelorette wisely asks to see the finalists’ dance moves— telling them that their rhythm on the dance floor will show if they have rhythm in the bedroom.

Unfortunately, the finalists don’t put their best foot forward and give a performance that leaves the bachelorette unimpressed, so Steve decides to help her out and bends the rules of the game!

Given a free choice of all the contestants, our bachelorette chooses the man she has the most chemistry with— proving that sometimes the initial spark is strong enough to turn into something more.

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  1. Where is the video, Steve Harvey?

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