Parents Of Young Kids Will Love Steve’s R&B Take On Parenting

Raising kids isn't for the weak of heart, and he knows it!

Everyone’s familiar with baby-making music…

Especially parents.

But have you ever heard of baby raising music?

Well, Steve has come up with this new genre, and he’s giving us a taste of it.

Here he is singing all about the fun of bonding time after the kids have been put to bed:

The lyric breakdown goes like this:

“We got them kids down now. Ain’t nobody in here but me and you. I wanna run my fingers through your hair, but I can’t, ‘cause you got baby food in it.”

“Let me try to get some of this spaghetti out of your hair.”

“Girl, your eyes are so beautiful. Are those Cheerios on your eyelids?”

“Let me roll you over. I’m about to roll you over and give you what you like… ‘squeek, squeek.’ Oh, is that a squeaky toy?”

The joys of raising kids.

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