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Men’s fashion questions answered

By Aonika Laurent Thomas

If seeking sartorial wisdom is wrong, then I don’t want to be right and neither should you. Gentlemen, I’m here to answer all of your fashion questions.

Corey, age 28 – I normally don’t wear suits, but now I have to for my new job. How long should my tie really hang?

A.A. – A gentleman’s tie length should reach the upper edge of his leather belt. The tip of the narrow end of the tie can hang a bit below. Take note: you should always wear a belt when wearing a tie.

David, age 34 – Is raw denim in style, and how do I make them softer?

A.A. – Raw denim is always on trend. Yes, the stiffness is uncomfortable, but if you’re patient, they will break in and fit as though they were made for you. The trick is to wear them often without washing them. Wear them when you are really active: take a hike or a bike ride. I know it sounds torturous, but it will break them faster. If you are impatient, fill your bathtub with cold water, put on your raw denim, and have a soak. Be mindful, though, that raw denim hasn’t been washed, and the indigo will bleed. Hang them in the sun to dry. This will soften the fibers, and your jeans will fit perfectly afterwards. Try Rogue Territory raw denim.

Sheldon, age 44 – I work in construction, and I think my work gear is sexy. Can I wear my rugged work boots on a date to show my manly side?

A.A. – Are you taking your date to work with Habitat for Humanity? If not, no! Women love a man that puts thought into his appearance. Leave your work boots for work. Instead, invest in a nice pair of Dunhill leather brogue boots. They are comfortable as a work boot and incredibly stylish. If you are “manly,” she will find out by the way you open her car door, or by how engage with her. Work boots say, “I just got off work and didn’t bother to shower and change before dinner.”

Gerald, age 24 – How do I fold a pocket square?

A.A. – I’m so glad that you asked. Pocket squares add a deliberate finishing touch that embodies color, visual interest, and elegance. There are several ways to fold a pocket square.  Here is how to fold the two most common styles. For the first type, make a loose fist with one hand. Place the pocket square on your fist, pattern side up. Pull the center of the square through your fist and stop halfway. Gather the bottom and fold it into your pocket.  The next fold is the presidential pocket square. Lay the pocket square flat. Fold over and then over again—this will make a rectangle. One more fold, and it will be able to fit into your pocket. Leave the rim of the square exposed.

Vance, age 40 – Can I wear loafers with bootcut jeans?

A.A. – No. Please, by all means, avoid wearing loafers with jeans that are wide at the bottom. Not only does this look sloppy, but it drowns out the shoe. Think turtles poking their heads out of their shell. Loafers are sleek and should be worn with straight leg denim or a jean that has a more fitted opening at the ankles.

Keep the questions coming — use the comment section to let us know what style advice you need.

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  1. Steve. I love you 1st as a Christian. But, I know you didn’t decide on the beard which I personally think makes you look older and then you take the socks away. Tell me you had socks on, on election day!

  2. Steve, no socks, why?

  3. I like to share this little story with you I love wearing suits but when I got sick I had to stop wearing ties I lost some ability in my hands I have had 155 surgeries on my throat I’ve always loved your standup comedy You are one of my favorite comedians. In 2004 I went into a coma they put me in a body bag because I had no heartbeat or no pulse Maybe five minutes later I started moving again 17 years later I still here thank be to God I always like to dress up and smell good So maybe if you could help me out with some good ideas I would appreciate it. Thank you, Mr. Steve Harvey, for your time God bless you and your family the way I’m 62 years old

  4. Steve, Steve, Steve, So debonair and no socks. No socks is great in the summer with a nice casual look but in the winter with a gorgeous suit. No, No, No. All I can do while watching your show is look at you bare ankles. So distracting, and sad. Takes away the wholeappearance of class. Please bring back the socks. It feels like I should wear my house slippers with my mink????????? Please, I beg you. Margaret

  5. Steve Harvey I Love the way You Dress Always, You and Your Wife Look Good All the Time keep on Dressing Yessss socks, no socks You and You’re Family be Dressing Love , Love , Love God Bless Always ????⭐️????????????????????????????

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