Are You a Procrastinator?

One commodity that is nonnegotiable is time. It’s the one thing we can’t get back once it’s gone. That makes it extremely valuable and something you should not waste.

But the truth is, there is ample opportunity to do just that. Too much television, too much time online, or just lying around doing nothing — these are some of the ways your days can slip away. What’s the result? Your goals get put on the back burner.

Think about it. If you devoted your time to creating a vision, setting goals, doing tasks that are related to achieving your goals — how would your world be different? How would your career, relationships, business, finances, or health be changed?

If you’ve been procrastinating, know that you cannot afford to waste another minute being unfulfilled, unsatisfied, and underutilized. Now is your moment to move on the vision and goals you’ve held in your heart for far too long.

Not sure if you’re a procrastinator? Check out this definition and see if it sounds like you:

Procrastination: doing less urgent tasks in preference to more urgent ones, or doing more pleasurable things in place of less pleasurable ones, thus putting off important tasks to a later time, sometimes to the “last minute” before the deadline — or sometimes not doing them at all.

If you are dealing with procrastination, here are three ways that can help you overcome it:

  1. Keep your eye on the prize.

Focus on the big picture of what you’re trying to accomplish. Knowing that what you’re doing today will help you reach your ultimate goals is a powerful way to stay motivated.

  1. Find support and accountability.

You don’t have to go it alone. Find someone — or a group of people — who will help you stay on task. They will offer encouragement and let you know when you’ve gotten off track.

  1. Believe you can do it.

It may seem hard, overwhelming, or even impossible. Maybe you’ve tried before and it didn’t work out. Maybe you’re afraid of failing. Release those mental strongholds and replace them with faith and positive affirmations.

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  1. […] to follow it). We know – setting a budget isn’t the most riveting activity. But rather than procrastinating, taking the time to write out a budget is something anyone trying to be independent needs to do, no […]

  2. So true. When I was in my late 20’s I wanted to be an actor so I went to John Robert Powers and did a reading.
    i was so nervous I sounded terrible. They said come back tomorrow. I was so embarrassed I never went back an decided not to tell my
    now wife.
    To this day I regret it

  3. Thanks I really appreciate and needed your advice, I been procrastinating for way to long , I have been trying too get my t-shirt business off the ground for years and every time I get up the nerves too do so something always happen but know I am focused on my dream. Thanks a lot.

  4. Am I a procrastinator? Maybe! I have the brains of mad scientist. Yet I have created nothing . I have the knowledge to make millions, but I sat on it. I have information on grants in all 50 states I have taken classes to do credit repair yet I sit on it. I am musically inclined no one has heard my songs I written or the sweet melody of my voice. It has been hiding from the world. One reason is my mind set and I have been caring for a sick love one. The other reason is I just don’t have the money to create the product that I know to make millions. Three growing up in a household with every kind of abuse there was left me with self doubt. Though it didn’t stop me from loving and caring for everyone that I could help in my reach. After hearing words of inspiration from Charles Mcdonald which is my sister husband who is a physiatrist. I realize what he said to be true . He referred to me as a genesis. I do realize I am smart intelligent and capable of reaching any goals I want in life. I am now beginning to start my Journey. Anyone out there who struggles with self doubt . Know that you can achieve any goal you set out to with the help of God .

  5. this is my yoke breaker im lifted, my vision is now clear and im pursing, its really working…

  6. So guilty of this one

  7. Wow! It is so true, I thank you for the tips and I will make a change for me so I can help my kids. They are my everything and I would like to show then that is never to late to change bad habits. I would like to also mention that I recently been watching your shows on Facebook and they have become a great inspiration and I know GOD is with me and it was not a coincidence when I was going through and watching your show because there were moments when I cried because it seemed like if g
    GOD was spoken to me. Thank you so so much Steve Harvey.

  8. s p o o k y

  9. I am a procrastinator (a ridiculous one). I’m also a very last-minute person, and although I do things under pressure pretty good, I know it’s not the best way to do things. I am a very multi-talented person; poet, song writer; started a novel,
    ( never completed it) I create things with my hands, but unfortunately I end up doing NOTHING about any of them. Every new year I promise myself “this will be my year” but I never do anything about it. I definitely need help here. I pray
    ???? that this coming New Year will most definitely ???? be mine.

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