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Ask God for Something Big | Motivational Talks With Steve Harvey

Ask God for Something Big!

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  1. Thank you for this inspiration clip. I am a single mother of 3, struggling with debt while raising 2 teenage daughters and a pre-teen boy. This clip has encouraged me. I have not because I ask not. I am now asking God for something big. Thank you Mr. Harvey

  2. GOD Is Surely ABLE Above and Beyond than we can ask or think. And like HIS Word says Ask. I Am going to Ask GOD, and get out of HIS way. The Creator in six days of the World than rest on the seventh day. I am going to Trust HIM with all my heart. Thank you

  3. Thank You so much sometimes we need to hear from other people. I’ve never owned my own place and I’m about to start my paperwork. Thanks again stay safe .


  4. Thank you Mr. Harvey that’s was true,we are not asking for big things, am struggling to make ends meet to put food on the table for my family sometime i feel like am losed thank for this inspiration and motivation.

  5. Mr. Harvey I listen to you every morning on 102.3 your Blessings of God knowledge and inspiration has helped me with many struggles in my life. This email gives me hope and determination that any and all things are possible thru Christ Jesus we just need to have faith of a mustard seed and God will provide.
    Thank You Mr. Harvey

  6. I love your inspirational messages. My family doesn’t need to be rich. We just want to be happy, be living our best lives, feel safe, have faith, hope and be able to pay our bills as they come in or even before hand. Steve, this is what makes you successful. You give back to us with your humor and messages.

  7. Thank you God for using Steve Harvey to open my mind of understanding. I am a 60 year old forced to retire due to my job eliminating my position and not being able to physically to take another position with the company I had worked for for 20 years. At the time my 90 year old Mother had had a stroke that left her needing total care and my 90 year old father had stage 3 lung cancer. I had been praying asking God to help me take care of my parents without putting them in a nursing home because they could not afford nursing home that I felt comfortable putting them in. So I wanted their final days to be as comfortable as I could make it for them. So I used my retirement to live on and care for my parents in my home. I was basically running a nursing home out of my home 24/7. My father lived two years and my Mother lived three years. Now I am in debt unable to meet my monthly expenses with just my monthly disability pension. While taking care of my parents with my disability it left my back and knees unable to work because I can not stand or sit for long periods of time. So I looked into filing for bankruptcy but I don’t have the income to pay the attorney fees. So I was praying asking God to help me get the money to file for bankruptcy but after listening to you I am asking God for a miracle to pay my debts and save me from losing my home. I am taking the brakes off my blessings! Thank you Mr.Harvey for letting God use you.

  8. Beautiful message. Why would a Big card give his children small things. I tell people this but it is their lack of faith that holds up the blessing.

    Thank you Steve!


  10. I’m asking God for something big I would like to win the Powerball tonight I really need your blessing I’m asking God for a place to live on my own I’m asking God to keep me a good Health and strength I am leaving at a friends house at the moment I do work it would be real nice if God touched me with a win tonight for the Powerball please God help me I dream about winning the Powerball in the megamillion I’ll take either way that would be greedy when that be something that I win both of them🤔 there is a beautiful lady I love very dear I’ll wait for her to be my wife one day she’s the best thing ever come into my life I’m asking God that my numbers come out tonight on the Powerball in the numbers that I probably will come out to help me on the way i’m asking for a big financial blessing please help me god you’re a true Terry L Banks😁

  11. I needed to hear this. This was the motivation I need. When you talk about buying that house, and how people say they can’t afford it or their credit is bad; I’m that person. Thank You for the message and has been received.

  12. Thankyou Steve for this and every inspirational talk. We all need a lot of you right now. You’re not only funny.but you have a lot of wisdom too. The way you deliver affects everyone. God bless you Steve. Please don’t leave us now.

  13. Thankyou Steve for this and every inspirational talk. We all need a lot of you right now. You’re not only funny.but you have a lot of wisdom too. The way you deliver affects everyone. God bless you Steve. Please don’t leave us now. HAPPY Birthday Steve. We love you.

  14. Needed to hear that this morning, thought I had done all I can. But let me switch it up, ask him for something Big. God I Thank you! Thanks Mr Harvey for the inspirational words of encouragement.

  15. I sometimes feels down spirited and even lost faith in GOD. But thanks to one video I watched from you. The imagination. Ever since have been imagining BIG THINGS. What men though were impossible, GOD ALMIGHTY sees it otherwise. Thank you Mr Harvey. Its been my wish to meet and just hug you in this life. And that’s one of my greatest things I’ve been asking from GOD.

  16. Needed this today! I have a mortgage and things but I absolutely want more…I know God has bigger plans for me I just don’t know how he’s going to do it…! But I’ll start asking!!!Thanks Steve, you’re my hero.

  17. Good Morning Steve

    Thank you for sharing.

  18. vewry good word steve harvey, you have become a good preacher.

  19. First, Happy Birthday Steve, I love your shows. Thank you Mr. Harvey for this inspirational message. God is Good, and I pray that not just my family, but all will want to know the Master. I’m not perfect Steve, I am a work in progress, and God had Forgiven me, and He Loves Me. I’m 64, Type 2 diabetic, and work. It seems my priority is trying to take care of everyone I can, for I Love everybody. My children tell me constantly, slow down Mom, you cannot take care of everybody, take care of me. My daughter has CHRONs, she struggles to work a full time job, but with this Covid, I pray daily for her safety and health. I struggle with debt for myself, daughter. When my mom passed 5 yrs ago, I was left with debt she left behind, But, I know there’s a God, and He will always be my Father, my Protector, my Provider. I pray for everyone to get what they ask for, never myself. I am asking God for something big for me. Continue to keep me, in your prayers. Thank you Mr. Steve Harvey. Tell your beautiful wife Margie hello.

  20. Thank you for the inspiration. I receive it.

  21. Thank you so much Me. Harvey for that speech I really needed it. God Bless you Sir!!

  22. Thanks Steve I need this

  23. Yes and amen. Thanks so much Steve.

  24. Thank you so much Mr.Harvey for this uplifting message I currently don’t have work and have been struggling with health issues . This reminder of the scripture was encouraging.

  25. Hi Mr. Harvey, I opened this clip today right on time and I shared it with someone else. It was so timely for me. Such a Blessing! I want to thank you for giving God the Glory for What HE has done for YOU, that made it so touching and real. I heard You and I heard God through You!

  26. I needed this like right now. Thank you so much. Im a single parent and looking at purchasing a new home. Im overwhelmed today and this message was spot on to explain how i feel and how i should feel. According to your faith be it unto you. I will do it …. with God! Bless you!!!

  27. My name is Gifty and I was recently kicked out of my Uncle’s place, am now with a friend. The messages from Steve Harvey has blessed and helped me to ask God for some big things. Can’t wait to start seeing them soon. God bless you!

  28. This was powerful, yet so true. I get in my own way because I figure I should play it safe and ask for what I need right now. I never thought about asking God for the big stuff, but I will now!

  29. Mr Steve I am a 46 young widow that was close to just giving up I’m homeless but making it been praying it through I have been blessed through all my trails and tribulations i know our God is a on time God I was sitting here in the extended stay in Southfield Michigan with a heavy heart wondering my next life I raised 4 beautiful children I have 4 awesome grandkids I had a blessed marriage of 20yrs til his passing 10/4/2020 and I was blessed to know GOD THATS WHY SATAN HAVE NOT TAKEN OVER but something I recently been through been hurting me I was recently terminated from a company for taken food that they just throw away and I learned that I wasn’t the only person that have been terminated for it which leads me to my angel husband you and GOD working on my soul saying I need someone to help and hear this it’s alot of people going through and these big corporate people can even help buy inventory then giving it away instead of firing and trash people it was a embarrassment and hurt to know that I am a person that helps and in need of help and people dreams shouldn’t be trashed from noone no matter what’ you never know someone situation I know I touch a lot but MR STEVE YOU REALLY TOUCHED MY SPIRIT BECAUSE YOU HIT IT 4real ASKING GOD FOR SOMETHING BIG ALL I EVER WANTED IS A BIGGER HEART TO TRY TO MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE IN SOME PEOPLE I HAVE AND STILL STRUGGLE BUT IF I CAN by hook or crook and Gods grace imma try to make it happen I THANK YOU FOR THE INSPIRATION TO NEVER GIVE UP ON GOD AND MYSELF GODS GONNA GET ME THROUGH ASKING GOD ALWAYS FOR BIG BLESSINGS AMEN

  30. I am highly motivated to continue asking God to connect me to a destiny helper, who will support me with the resources I need to actualise my visions.

  31. Thank you Mr. Harvey for the “Motivational” clips. I share with friends, family, grand kids (21,18,15) and associates. Your clips say exactly what I struggle with saying and how to say it without the profanity. I share on Sundays as a start of future chats, messages and conversations. In 2021, I’m changing a lot of things. Gifts will be centered around family, love & respect of differences and service to others. I’m trading material things for God. Gifts will not have a price tag. Gifts will come from your talent:mind, body and soul. Next, I will be asking God for a couple of BIG Blessings. I am a finer woman of scholarship, service and sisterhood. This will be my platform beginning 2021; rededicating my life and spiritual works. Thank you again, and I will continue to subscribe and follow. God bless you and your love ones. Please continue to stay safe and Happy & Blessed New Year…

  32. You’re always inspiring me thank you for sharing Steve God bless

  33. Fervently ever since he’s been in the hospital people just don’t understand the true value and power of our God may the blessings flow amen says:

    I watched your inspirational chip on Ask God something big. This is a true testimony. My husband was in a horrific car accident three heart attacks before getting stable and an ICU unit the doctors basically said no help no hope I asked God for a miracle and he gave it to my family and my husband because in three hours on that day of the accident My husband is alert I should say semi alert and stable she can proceed to do heart surgery and other necessary tasks to save his life which include brain swelling 24 fractured ribsBruised lungs Bruised kidneys and swelling on his arms basically they kept saying the scans and testing showed severe brain trauma which I pray to God that that wasn’t so and through his grace it’s been three weeks and my husband is still here in the ICU unit and improving every day is a miracle to God’s testimonyWe are still not out of the woods but each day is a blessing and a miracle from God the doctors can’t believe it but I told them because they are gloom and doom as they see this every day with patients coming in Gunshot wounds Terrible accidents beatings etc. I told them we are a Faith based family believes in the power of prayer in the miracles of God and a lot of our friends are the same way and have prayed immensely for my husband‘s recovery he is truly a blessing that he is still here every night I pray every day I pray every minute I pray every second I pray and I have done thisFervently ever since he’s been in the hospital people just don’t understand the true value and power of our God may the blessings flow amen

  34. God will do as he said.

  35. That is a true scripture but also when you read the next verse it says you ask but do not receive because you asked with the wrong motives. So we must ask God through his wisdom knowledge and understanding not our own and when we ask for everything, we need to ask him for everything that he desires us to have. It’s more to it than just Faith, Faith without works is dead, this is a lifestyle to live in holiness. God desires in uninterrupted interrupted relationship with us we cannot just ask him for things and do as we please and mention him every now and then or even if it’s every day without living the life he commands and created us for. God can do anything but fail, the issue is what have you learned from the experience that’s going to place you in a better position to worship him, not returning to the same situation you were in.

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