Audience Member Gets a Surprise Makeover

When one of my audience members asked for advice on how to dress better, I was more than ready to help out!

When one of my audience members asked for advice on how to dress better, I was more than ready to help out! I gifted him a new wardrobe, styled by my personal stylist William Phoenix. You can grab one of these suits in store at Burlington or online at Kohls here: https://rstyle.me/+xxpz968lmoJOFSytHJacLw

Want to get the specific pieces featured in this video? Just follow the links below.

You can find a collection of ties and pocket squares here: https://rstyle.me/+Plci4bC7pFikZ3UcfuG-mA

To get the black 3-piece suit, go here: https://www.contemposuits.com/steve-harvey-mens-black-3-piece-suit-solid-color-118758-is.html

To get the pinstriped 3-piece suit, go here: https://menssuitworld.com/steve-harvey-suits?product_id=126228

To get the red floral tie, go here: https://rstyle.me/+qmW4apIDX1IwMGiginWsxA

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  1. Steve, I want to come on your show and meet you please ????

  2. Have a great day ???? Steve and I love your show

  3. How do so many people like myself miss there blessings? I amaze myself being happy for other people and still have yet to get a bigger blessing then my kids. I can’t even get a job to save my life or better my kids life but still theses type of videos and stories give me hope they excite me because I’m hoping one day that will be me. Or just being able to have tickets to one of your shows

  4. You show makes me late at work nearly every day and my boss is start to question me of being late but because I don’t want to miss any episode coz if I miss one my friends will tell me and I hate that to be honest I love you Steve one day I will be one of your audience at your show

  5. Hi,
    Steve I love your show and also that you are a godly man and a family man and your comments are always on point I have learned so much by listening to you.

    Thank you so much!

  6. How to watch full episodes of this show? How to be in the life show?

    1. Check out SteveTV.com.

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