BEAUTY: Let’s Go Skin Deep

Today, people worry about their skin more than ever.

By Roni Deluz ND, RN, Ph.D

Why a Beauty Detox?

Today, people worry about their skin more than ever. We want to look good first and feel good second. We obsess about how young or old we look, and we pay way too much attention to wrinkle-free creams, serums, acid peels, steroids, and shots that only offer temporary solutions. Clinical nutritional detoxes, on the other hand, can bring a plethora of beauty and wellness benefits, along with weight loss.

Most people think eating healthy is the key to looking younger and alive. But scientists are saying it’s hard to call the typical food people eat today healthy. More and more, people are turning to nutrient-dense superfoods such as smoothies with antioxidants, green drinks, protein powder, nuts and berries.  

In the ten years since the New York Times Bestseller “21 Pounds in 21 Days; The Martha’s Vineyard Diet Detox” was published, the word “detox” has penetrated American consciousness. Getting ready for a graduation, a wedding, or a high school or family reunion and want to look younger and feel amazing?  It’s no longer about going on a diet and making superficial changes in your life that won’t last. Now it’s about a cleansing detox that jump starts real lifestyle changes while teaching you how to keep those changes for good.

Remember, a real detox is not just about the surface. When you’re sparkling clean on the inside, the outside glows like a diamond.

Beauty, from the inside out.

This 21-day Beauty Detox is based on the understanding that cleansing the internal body at the cellular level will bring nutrients to the skin. Super foods loaded with enzymes are included to promote:

  •       Smoother, clearer skin, and tighter pores
  •       Shinier hair that grows faster and stronger
  •       Stronger nails that won’t break or get brittle
  •       Stress reduction to slow the aging of the face
  •       Increased oxygen to the face
  •       Improved acne, eczema, and other skin conditions

Aren’t vitamins enough?

There are many scientific studies that show supplementation of vitamins and minerals helps correct deficiencies when access to proper diet is limited. If you are a healthy eater, though, supplementation could be what’s called “expensive urine” and can even be dangerous if you are not tested with a blood panel on micro-nutrients.

Food enzymes are key, because they help digest and metabolize your food. While they’re busy doing that they’re also purifying the blood, improving blood circulation, enhancing the immune system, colon cleansing, sustaining proper pH balance, cleaning out your vascular system and alleviating inflammation.

Enzymes also help the body absorb trace minerals, which are very important to the production of new skin, improving texture and elasticity. Trace minerals also help hydrate the skin by regulating fluid balance. Fresh fruits and vegetable juices are loaded with enzymes.

It’s true that vitamins are good for skin, hair, and nails, but you will find Vitamins A and B— especially Biotin which is great for hair, skin, and nails—and Vitamin C, D and E in most of the foods in my Beauty Basics list.

The benefits of coconut oil, turmeric, and antioxidants.

Coconut oil has many health benefits, including aiding in weight loss. It is made from raw coconuts, but the therapeutic value comes from Lauric Acid, Caprylic Acid, Oleic Acid, and Linoleic Acid to name a few. These essential compounds help the immune system by decreasing inflammation in the body—inflammation that readily shows up on your face. Who wants puffy eyes? Turmeric also has many anti-inflammatory benefits for the skin. Antioxidants such as berries, tart cherries, Goji berries, and acai berries help fight free radicals, tiny unpaired cells that act like bouncing microscopic balls putting dents in your skin cells, causing age spots, and damaging collagen and elastin, creating wrinkles.

*Super Skin Beauty Smoothie*

1½ cup almond milk

1 cup spinach

½ cup collard

½ cup kale

1 tsp. turmeric

2 tbsp. coconut oil

1 small cooked sweet potato

Blend in your favorite blender and sweeten with stevia to taste.

*Tart Cherry Cocktail*

1 cup seedless cherries

½ lemon (juiced)

½ head of romaine lettuce

Juice it in your juicer and sweeten with stevia to taste.

*Turmeric Almond Tea*

½ tsp. turmeric

½ tsp. ground cinnamon

1 cup almond milk (warmed on stove)

Mix together the turmeric and cinnamon and add to warmed almond milk in your favorite mug and drink while warm on an empty stomach.

Stock your kitchen with the Beauty Basics.

Stop looking for complicated recipes, remedies, and pills. It’s unbelievable the huge amount of money that people spend on their skin with creams and injections. It’s time to fall in love with your kitchen again! Skin cells need all kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables that are easily digestible, and enzyme-rich with trace minerals and vitamins. Enzyme-rich foods and juices should be eaten daily. Their anti-inflammatory properties will change the way you look and feel.

Beauty Basics super foods:

Collard Greens
Swiss Chard
Flax seed oil
Sweet Potatoes
Hemp seeds
Wild fish (Alaskan, salmon, sardines, and mackerel)
All berries
Coconut oil
Cayenne pepper

Note: Freezing fruits or veggies slows the rate of enzyme function. It does not kill the enzymes. Fresh is best and frozen is acceptable for both fruits and vegetables.

Your daily beauty routine.

Wake up: Drink room temperature distilled water with 1 squeezed lemon

Breakfast: Have your favorite protein smoothie OR 2 eggs OR organic fish with greens

2 hours later: Drink 8 ounces of Super Skin Beauty Smoothie

Lunch: Make a veggie plate or salad from my Beauty Basics List

2 hours later: Drink your Tart Cherry Cocktail

2 hours later: Drink distilled water with fresh lime or grapefruit juice

Dinner: Make a soup or veggie plate from my Beauty Basic list

After dinner: Enjoy turmeric almond tea

2 hours later: Drink 8 oz hot or cold green tea

*Note: If you do not need to lose weight, add more proteins and good oils like flax seed, almond or avocado oil.

Is the Beauty Detox for you?

Everyone can benefit from a Beauty Detox diet 3 to 4 times a year whether they’re overweight, underweight, or at their goal weight. Regular detoxing on a seasonal basis helps the body process nutrients more effectively and clears out accumulated waste and toxins—resulting in a clean, refreshed system that functions at its best.The Beauty Detox provides a starting point for improving acne and other skin conditions, it gives a more youthful appearance and better energy, and assists in longevity. The end goal is to create cleaner cells that deliver oxygen and nutrients to your skin. You can start right now! Visit: and

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