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Use Your Imagination To Be Great

The biggest thing that has always troubled me was my imagination, it was so big as a kid.

I grew up poor but I always imagined big things. My momma would buy a travel magazine once a month just so I could see the places that we couldn’t travel to. I thank God that my mother planted that seed. When I first started out in this business, I wanted to make sure that I could take care of my parents. I did exactly that. Everything in your imagination can come true for you. You just have to believe it!

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  1. Inspiring UncleSteve. It’s true. I want to take good care of my parents and let them be proud of me.

  2. God bless you Mr Harvey. I receive this in Jesus Name. I believe. My imagination is also to take care of my parents that sacrificed their lives for our family. My imagination is to own multiple houses & to travel the world. I was just thinking about this before I saw your video & I was thinking it was just a dream and would it ever come true. I’ve been hanging on for so long but after seeing this video, I will not give up. I will continue to believe. Thank you.

  3. I understand that motivation.. I too grew up poor and still have a rich and vivid imagination. I call myself the most #determinedbrunette .. I am presently in nursing school at a local college and working 3 jobs to maintain a household with two beautiful children. I have to succeed, I will succeed. Steve Harvey, if anyone outs there receivers this message, I BEG of you to see and hear my story. And help me bring to the world my talent so that I too can take care of my children, my mother, my sister and her children and never have to worry if we have a home. Please please please hear me. Thank you to who ever sees ahdcreads this.

  4. All of this is great to hear and awesome and mostly inspiring but I have my own great imiginations and dreams and unique talents.
    I am Fighting and campaigning for my own dreams . I am tired of listening and watching and supporting and talking about celebrities and their dreams when you reach out to some of them ( celebrities) they don’t even notice you!
    God gave me my gifts too! Whoever reads this message just know that I am not attacking
    Steve Harvey I”m just tired of listening to his dreams, I have my own dreams!! The motivation is great though and what he is doing is great too!
    But I wanna be GREAT LIKE MYSELF!
    Atavia GoldStar

  5. God Bless you Steve Harvey just keep lifting him up I love what your doing for kids, and men


  7. Thank you so much for the inspiration,it’s true God is real and he fulfil the desire of our heart, I can see it coming to pass to me because I come from one of the poorest family in northern Uganda but I have always imagined to travel and work outside my country so that I can earn enough money to take care of my family and my community. I still have the biggest dream to one day come to the USA and watch u live.I believe one day God will grant me the opportunity. May God bless you in everything your doing Steve.

  8. Steve I didn’t follow You for nothing From going to see you stand up comedy to Hoodie Awards Steve Show reading Your Book Ppl Laughed At me when I told them what I asked GOD For A Brand New House And All my Bills Paid And A Bentley White I’m 68 yrs they said I was 2 old 2 own A House I imagine myself in the House already I always think And do BIG When I told ppl I was going on ur Show in LA and win Harvey Hunreds they Laughed. My Daughter Modesty Had A terrible accident 9-02-14 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Airport a truck she was driving flipped over on her she lost her left leg ???? below knee amputee she told me she said that new house I want she’s buying it for me and that car I want it’s gone be mine too but every day I thank GOD for my Daughter Modesty life she could’ve Died Amen

  9. That’s great. My imagination gave me an idea to fashion the Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation into a Virtual Acdemy for youth worldwide. I think this should be done for the Disney Dreamers Academy too. Making things Virtual is what I do as it relates to education on any level.
    Be blessed.

  10. Truly a dream of mines. Always wanted to be able to help my family . Always made sure they had and didn’t have to go out begging, things happen but we get back up again start all over. Thank you for that very inspiring word.

  11. Very inspirational.

  12. Mr Harvey,
    You have inspired so many people from your life story. I am also a person that as most people do, aspire to be better. My parents as all great ones have done all the things in their power to make a great life for my brother and I. They tok have a hard life story one that is unbelievable to most peole, but they have gone to College and made a life and inspired my brother and I to dream big as we do! Thus is needed fir thise kids that do not have this positive motivation. You are a blessing for them and me, to keep on pushing! I love you brother, God bless us all!
    Ebony Faith.

  13. Steve, I just Love your email posts! I would love to be on your show! Im a huge believer of your natural gift ( I have a blog about it) and totally believe in vision boards! Im a designer from Copley Ohio. Jill Pangas

  14. yes Mr. Harvey your right. I didn,t see my parents that much. I lived aways from them,but i worked full time and had 2 boys to raise.I called them when i could and tried not to depend on them when i had struggles. You know,like when my car would mess up or a appliance would break down.Afterall theu took care of our needs when we were small.Im retired now and doing what i wan to do. That is watching parades with my son who is still with me or taking day trips that i couldn,t do when i was working,God bless you …JJ

  15. I’m really motivated and Inspired to stay focused and Use my imagination to be creative.Stayimg hopeful.Goal is to be financially stable and take care of my family.Botswana

  16. Thank You Steve, for those words of encouragement.

  17. I’d love to attend your show in real life….I have seen myself in my imagination, meeting u, discussing certain ‘issues’ with u! What a priveledge & pleasure THAT will be! ???????? I am in SA…very far away!! Blessings! Lynette.????

  18. What if you don’t have a imagination ? I just live day by day hoping one day I would never have to work .. 55 now and working..but that’s ok it’s honest money$.. i’m just glad my boys are doing better than me ..

  19. Mr Harvey, your video was very inspiring. I am 62 years young and have always wanted to own my own business. Anything that has to with helping the elderly. As I am nearing retirement age per say myself I fear I am to old to try. No need to say start the business and leave to your kids or grandkids. They do not have the same passion I have for the elderly. Do you think I am to old to try and any advice on were to start. Times ticking

  20. Steve Harvey I’ve been praying just like you everyday and I still ain’t got a head maybe one day the Lord will see me blessed with something I don’t have anything now but maybe one day I can see it

  21. I took care of my mother for years and now she is gone now you just me and my brother and I’ve been praying for years never been married and I got a job but it don’t pay as much I’m just living day by day the least some living

  22. Steve , Awesome testimtheony. Preach on ! Fan forever, Lola ????❤⭐????

  23. Awesome testimony! Preach on Steve! Fan forever , Lola ⭐????????????????????????

  24. Amazing, I never stop dreaming I do wonder why God does what he does at times, I get angry at times, but I keep believing, dreaming, and plugging away!

  25. My mother work for white folk she clean house she clean store she clean church radio station I work with her I end up with all of the job I was fast than her so what it told her all day l did in hours she dressed me good I wear the the clothes of doctors who she worked I was the same size

  26. Thanks for the message. My dream is to get my RN (Registered Nurse). I am a LVN ( Licensed Vocational Nurse) looking for a job. I have a home health company that I applied to and have to call them back to discuss a job opportunity. Pray, that if it is for me to get the job, that I get it. Thanks for all that you do to motivate people to reach for their dreams.

  27. Thanks so much for all you do for allowing us to know and believe that we can reach the dreams we have. I love you for always reaching back to help others. You are truly an amazing man.

  28. Thank you for these inspiring words!! My parents have passed on however, it is my desire to be able to take care of my siblings as we age. In doing so I hope that my son will be inspired to do the same for his family.

  29. I can only imagine and speak life into my life, so that I can have this same testimony!!!!Thank you for speaking from your heart, because it touched my heart!

  30. Thank you Mr Harvey. I am very grateful for this talk. It helps us to believe, have faith, seek God through prayers and the scriptures. I wish my parents were alive but I will fight for my kids so that they fight for me some day

  31. Mr. Steve Harvey,
    Thank you being one of ✝️GOD’s angel’s. You were the sign I needed. I was ready to give up and move. I’m not going to that place. I’m not moving to Doubt Street, I’m staying on Faith Street. I need to keep dreaming. I was doubting my dream. I think my dream is too big.
    It could change the life of millions. I’m going to need a lot, a lot. I don’t have the power. I want, no, I need to see the path. I’m lost. NOBODY I know, Knows how to get there, how to start. I’m tired. Please Lord, Help me, pleas Lord give me the strength, the vision to find the way to see the vision, to find my way, to start my journey with you, Lord at my side, step by step.



  32. No matter how old you are, you always look for that approval from your parents.
    I had a dream with you one day that I was on a boat trip with my family, and I sent them ahead of me, and told them that I was gonna take the next one – but I missed it.
    You just so happened to be in the lobby and you heard me telling the ticket lady that I missed my boat, you pulled out a schedule of all the transportation in the area, and you told me “there is a boat that leaves at 7, you have to take that boat don’t take no other boat but that one”
    That dream always stayed in my mind, because I couldn’t figure out why you insisted that I take that boat even though there were other boats docking in.
    Your testimonials are so inspiring, and you should never stop because you don’t know whose life you’re touching.

  33. This statement makes me hopeful and cry.

  34. Thank you Steve for this powerful message! It stirred up lost memories and dreams of things I’ve always wanted to accomplish. Now I’m retired from the job of my profession: Occupational Therapy Healthcare Practitioner. However, I always wanted more of everything. I knew it was there to be had, I was just stuck and did not know how to get out of this rut. But I never gave up! Now I have become an Health and Wellness Entrepreneur. I’m helping myself and others become an healthier, wealthier version of themselves. May God continue to bless you and your family to be the best version of you that God wants all of you to be! May the joy of the Lord always be your strength!

    Valerie A Walker

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