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Bishop T.D. Jakes invited me to Mega Fest

Bishop T.D. Jakes invited me to Mega Fest, where I recorded “Don’t Trip, He Ain’t Through With Me Yet!” Do you know how hard is is not to cuss for an hour and twenty minutes and be funny! I had severe headaches, I thought I was going to lose my mind!

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  1. Steve Harvey is without a doubt the most impressive comedian alive today. I try to watch him as often as I can because not only is he funny and entertaining, but his motivational talks are beyond compare. When he talks about his parents, I get all teary eyed. I love the fact that he loved his parents and did good things for them; that he STILL loves his parents! He is a real MAN! I ove the fact that he is happily married to his beautiful and talented wife, Marjorie, and that he has taken care of his children. I hope and pray that when he retires, he and Marjorie can fully enjoy their lives together for a long time and that his children and grandkids will always make him proud! Keep up the awesome life, Steve Harvey. You help so many people, just by being YOU! GOD BLESS YOU! (I know HE has!).

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