Being Broke – Appreciating Free

My first HBO half-hour special shot in Dallas Tx. Young man was developing a skill set.

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  1. To Steve Harvey..Dear Steve..It might be the style to wear the beard..BUT HONEY…YOU ARE TO DARN GOOD LOOKING TO HAVE THAT ON YOUR FACE..I LIKE YOUR MUSTACHE…but please consider shaving your beard..i watch you. EVERYDAY..YOU MAKE MY DAY..YOU MAKE THIS OLD WOMAN LAUGH..CRY ..AND MAKE MY DAY….JUST WANTED YOU TO KNOW…You are one HOT MAN..AND YOUR WIFE..Marjorie..is one GORGEOUS WOMAN..SHE IS ALSO HOT..YOU TWO MAKE A BEAUTIFUL COUPLE..YOU HAVE A BEAUTIFUL FAMILY..I ENJOY WATCHING YOUR SHOW..SO DOES my family..keep the great work you do going..you are one terrific Man..love your show..Your devoted shows watcher..Yvonne (Bonnie) Bernhardt

  2. I loved the comedy routine and I am a fan of your radio show keep up the great work you are doing and you have a beautiful family.

  3. Can you give me some advice for an Inspiring Comedian/Actor, especially when you feeling discouraged?

  4. Steve, from the male perspective I just want to say thank you for all you do in talking to guys that don’t necessarily have the advantages that popular or privileged guys do. I got hooked on a couple of particular videos of from your talk show online and watched countless videos since. One in particular was when you helped out the young man, “Honor” I think it was – the young musical vocalist. You walked him through how to reintroduce himself to the girl he wanted and you brought him on stage and put your arm around him “chopping it up” for pics that will last him a lifetime. Man, that and other videos hit right to the heart with me and I’m sure you given millions of guys hope with the tips and things you tell them, in particular how to really approach and talk to girls that they never had hope of doing.

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